Late Night Writing

Ever find yourself up way too late because you slept in, because you drove for 13 hours the day before, because you visited family in another state, because you moved to Georgia after the World Race, because you wanted to start your dream, because that’s what God put on your heart, because that’s what He walked you through hell to accomplish? No? Too specific?

Basically, I’m up way too late because I’m accomplishing God’s purpose.

I am where I am, doing what I can with what I have.

It’s an absolutely imperfect and incomplete scenario, filled with late nights fighting sleep, early mornings fighting for sleep, nausea, awkwardness, free candy, blog reading, unwillingness, and bouts of undivided passion.

I am getting my ‘in part’ here on earth. It’s not heaven, folks.

I read today in 1 Kings (of course) about Elijah making the pagan peeps cut up a bull and ask their gods to light it on fire for them.

It’s kind of ridiculous. They sat around for a whole day (these people were obviously unemployed… or they worked for a really chill nonprofit?) yelling at this bull, dancing around it, praying to their gods, cutting themselves, etc. It probably looked a lot like a Lady Gaga video. And all for nothing. Elijah being the snarky prophet that he was, told them that maybe their god was deep in thought, or busy, or traveling, or asleep.

Then it was Elijah’s turn to have his God light his bull on fire, obviously.
Twist of events, he had the pagan peeps drench his altar/bull/wood with water. Jars and jars and jars of water.

ImageI’m sure the equivalent of boy scouts back then were super confused. That’s not how you light anything on fire, Elijah. You’re making extra work for your fire God, throwing off the chemistry, broseph.

Elijah was pretty crazy though. He realized that the true God can light up drenched altars. He had so much water poured on the thing.

His prayer…

Answer me, O LORD, answer me, so these people will know that you, O LORD, are God, and that you are turning their hearts back again.
1 Kings 18:37

The rest is history. Fire. Bam. Even the water evaporated. He legit set fire to the rain, before Adele sang about it.


Sometimes I feel like life is just pouring more and more water on my altar.

Like it all doesn’t already seem improbable, and one more jar gets poured on. Tonight, I am soaked. I should be asleep by now, obviously. I shouldn’t be eating ‘fun’ size snickers, or still wearing my glasses, or typing at all.

But I think God wants it to be just so. The more jars get poured on, the more glory He’ll get for the fire He brings.

This lowly thing, this life of mine, will be a big sign that He’s doing work in hearts of people, that He’s turning their hearts back again.

It isn’t the same if my altar is dry.
On nights like this, I can look at my unlikely scenarios and chuckle.

Go ahead, life, pour more water.

My God will bring the fire.

((Leave a comment. What’s your favorite color? Do you like Elijah? What did you think of the blog? Just say something.))

7 thoughts on “Late Night Writing

  1. I’m also up way too late (although not for quite the same reasons). 🙂 LOVE the blog–super encouraging. And I can’t wait to see God light the fire! Because he WILL. It’s all for your good and his glory.

    Oh, and my favorite color’s blue.


  2. Ohhhh Helena. This is precisely what I needed this morning: my favorite color is yellow. I was hoping I’d have someone to tell of this glorious color today! 😉
    No, but really – I love this post. I love that it’s not the same if my alter is dry and Elijah is where Adele got her inspiration.


  3. Dude I love this too. And I laughed out loud(which is worthy of being typed out because if I said “lol” you wouldn’t believe me, right? 😉 ) You are gifted in more ways than one miss thing. Keep your chin up and keep telling the “gods” of this world to shut up and get away from you because only the real God has your heart. Love you you hilarious little goober! (ps, this blog brought back memories of you being up way to late in El Salvador on the bottom bunk! 🙂 )


  4. My favorite color is purple!!!!!!!!! Just started reading your blog, thanks to Ashley Brown. What most attracted me on your blog was first the nice “title heading”, your pretty face and the pictures of you and your best friend, boyfriend, fiancé or husband 😉 anyways so far your writing is great, love your sense of humor and the awesome memes you post. Looking forward to continue reading your blog :D!


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