Frolicking: Level Expert

But for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its rays. And you will go out and frolic like well-fed calves.  {Malachi 4:2}

I love this verse. I always think the calf analogy kinda ruins it, but I’m sure that calves do frolic appropriately when they’re well-fed, and that it does compare to the joy that I feel when that lovely sun of righteousness rises and healing comes in its rays. I know that part is true and sweet. It makes me want to jump around, so I guess that’s my verse right now.

I am frolicking in my heart and soul, like the cows in the verse… and this dolphin.


I’ve been asking God for some bold things in Jesus’ name, and setting bigger goals. With the end of the year, it always makes me a little bit gutsy… and I’m not talking about my waist here!

I finally started my new part-time job. I knew it was the right place, but then God gave me a sign as well…


lost my composure when I saw this on the lab fridge

But seriously, this blog is about BOLDNESS. And with the courage to ask, I had to summon up the strength to extend my hands, open and empty and vulnerable… and receive.

And I received. I got what I needed, what I hoped, and maybe even more. We’ll see how it all goes, but I’m in love as it is.

This year is pretty much over. Maybe you don’t feel like you got what you wanted. But did you ask? Did you truly ask the Lord?

My encouragement to you {whoever you are reading this} is to ask.

Ask boldly. Ask specifically. Ask over and over. And ask to be aligned with God’s will for you. Ask for His goodness, His best, His rest, His eyes, His ears. Ask for His love and His peace to end confusion. Ask for His reasoning, His timing, His joy to endure, His patience to hold still, and His courage to take action.


Soon enough, you’ll find yourself no longer wincing, no longer hiding, no longer avoiding, or coping. You’ll be soaring and not growing faint. He’ll meet you right where you are and carry you where He needs you to be.

Ask Him what He needs you to be doing right now… and for goodness sakes, obey Him. Obey Him. Obeeeeyyyy Himmmmmm. Don’t let up. Don’t back out. Don’t stand Him up. Don’t lie and stay home. Push forward. Show up. Speak up.

He’ll make everything else make sense. Even the unexpected disasters. Yeah, those. He can make those arrange in a way so that good comes from it… it’s miraculous, and it takes time, and it takes open eyes to see it.

Good coming from brokenness and suffering?

Yeah, I can testify to that.
I can look back now and say it was well worth it, because I got to practice being who God made me to be in the midst of tough circumstances. I know who I am a little better… better yet, I know who Jesus is a little better.


2014 is coming, and I can hardly wait.
The release has come like the sun of righteousness, with healing in its rays.

5 thoughts on “Frolicking: Level Expert

  1. Love this. So true. So absolutely and beautifully true.

    Also on a side note… The cow and dolphin picture… I snorted and cried and possibly may or may not have convulsed a bit because I laughed so hard. Yep.


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