The Update

Another year has gone by and we’re given a new start.

We all can put things further in the past by throwing around “last year” when really it could have been as far back as last week. Not sure how much that will lessen the awkward in social situations, but oh well.


And the magic of switching calendars gives me the perk of looking at this year and all its possibilities without feeling like a weirdo psycho planner person. It is, after all, this year. It is only sensible to have plans and goals for my current year, right? Absolutely.


I’m all trained at my new job at the hospital, and will be starting my alternating weekend shifts this month. I love that I get to wear a labcoat and gloves and feel like a science geek all over again. I’m running the chemistry department all by myself on weekend nights, and I gotta tell you, I am pumped. Like sodium potassium pumped.


My bosses are believers, and it just looks like I have a lot of favor in that place. Being back in healthcare is a huge sigh of relief too, because I did dedicate 7 years toward that, prior to mission work. Think Jacob and Rachel… 7 years is a long time.

I’m switching gears at my full-time job, and getting excited for what that will look like. Turns out I now have an office! Hey! Score! I’ll be doing more management and less clerical work, and that is a welcome change, my friends. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some excel spreadsheets, but I’m excited to grow in management skills.

I also took a CGA House Mentor position, so that means I’m moving in a few days, and going to be living at one of the CGA houses and being like an RA for the apprentices living in that house.

This move is an answer to prayer, because this new season is really different. Most of my closer friends are not going to be here with me in Gainesville, and as my sacred circle scatters to the corners of the earth, it’ll be great to come home to a full house, love, laughter, hugging, worship, Bible studies, rainbows, and butterflies.

As for Phylla House, I’m in the process of defining culture, vision, and all the roles I need filled, setting good deadlines, and going after it. I realized I’m wearing a lot of hats, and I’m still learning to delegate and communicate with my team. Small faith isn’t part of our goals this year 🙂 we’re going big. This is the year to multiply our groups. Phylla House is gonna sprout near you… eventually. If you’re interested in leading a local Phylla House, email me at

As for my heart, it’s full and happy… and taken. BUT God is having me focus on what He’s put in front of me, and He’s given me 3 jobs and a ministry to look after. It is nice, though, to not worry one little bit and to love. 🙂

Right now, I have the lovely Beka Joy visiting from Texas. She was an angel this morning, when I woke up sick, and got me medicine and FLOWERS. I cried haha. I feel a lot better, and I know that the timing of her visit couldn’t be more perfect.


This year will be a year of growth and fulfillment. It’s a year of big harvest. Focus and reward. Obedience. Joy. Sacrifice and faith. Trust. Most of all, it’s a year of love. I pray that God’s love paints itself all over my life, whether I’m at home or at the office or at the hospital or at church, that His love flows out wherever I go.

I watched “Frozen” today, and it was a precious Disney movie. In it there’s a silly snowman who wished for summer. At first I thought, “you don’t know what you’re asking for, you silly comparison-minded little ice ball” but then, at the end of the movie, the snowman gets to feel a fire, and smell the flowers. He gets the best of both worlds, to be a snowman in the summer. I got schooled on faith.

That’s what the Lord can do for us, if only we stop limiting ourselves in prayer. He can make farfetched possibilities connect to reality.

What’s your unlikely scenario?
Let this year be the year you ask.

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