I want it NOW

I do this thing with Jesus sometimes… I basically demand things from Him.

I stomp and pout and yell and get all nasty about it.


It’s a little bit pathetic, really, when you see it from the top.

I’m 5ft and not much else, 125lbs, and if you can imagine all that just really worked up, with my tiny little fists all clenched and my tiny tears just streaming down, face all splotchy, stomping my whopping size 7 feet. It’s gotta be kinda cute to God, looking down like “aww she’s so adorably demanding, my sweet baby girl is on her little struggle bus today, beep beep bop boop, honk honk.


And finally, finally, when I climb on down from my ridiculous soap box, I hear sweet revelation. He does not hold back on me. I get honest, and He gets honest. Well, He’s always honest, it’s just a matter of me listening. Apparently, I listen better when everything is off my chest. Go figure.

So here’s a revelation…

It’s not a question of whether you’ll receive your portion…
Your portion is YOUR portion.
But when it’s given to you, will you bury it?
Will you kill it with fear?
Or will you invest it and be bold with it?
Will you risk to see it grow?
Are you ready to receive your portion?

Hahaha… I got schooled.

Have fun with that, fellow stompers.

{{read Matthew 25:14:30}}

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