Tonight was supposed to be the ‘big meeting’ for Phylla House leadership, but instead we have snow-covered lawns {and icy roads} here in Georgia. I love the beauty of a snowy day, the brightness of it. I was torn between relief and disappointment.

happyfeetRelief washed over me at the thought of not having the meeting tonight. Then disappointment that I felt relief! Am I afraid? Am I doubting? And when I took it to the Lord, He put me at ease, that it’s okay that I was thankful that He gave me more time. He did, after all, give me more time. My heart does break for the people who got stuck in the traffic, and who are having to deal with this weather in ways that are much more severe and difficult than the postponement of a meeting. Hello perspective.

Superbowl is coming and so is my sermon. I worked on it for a couple of hours last night, and I must say, that’s probably the most thought I’ve put toward a sermon, ever. Usually I choose a topic, and make an outline, and choose my scriptures, and I fly with it. Usually there’s the buffer of an interpreter, or the cool factor that I’m only visiting. Not this time. This time it’s America, and my home church. This time everybody speaks my language, and they’re seasoned believers. This time I’ve had to fight the anxiety that comes with the high expectations of an American congregation.

As I prepared and prayed, the Lord spun me in a new direction. I’m excited to trust Him through this. I’m confident that He’s going to speak through me, about family and generations. It’s a topic that is so important to me and such a fueling passion as I make choices in my life.

The Lord knew just what I needed this morning, and I am still smiling.


His grace and His timing are good, pleasing, and perfect.
Let it go. Let it snow.

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