The Altar Call to the Saved

Come to Jesus for salvation, new life, forgiveness. Check!
After this most important decision, we have Christ.

We have Him. We have access to His righteousness, His power, authority, grace, and favor.
His ear is bent to hear us. His eyes are ever on us.
He is our Defender. He declares us restored and healed.
I see a generation rising up and extending their hands for the next step.

What is next now, Jesus? What do we do with this precious gift? What is next after dying to sin, being raised to walk in the newness of life?

To diffuse the Christian lingo out of my words, what is next?
You’re saved, you have your ticket to heaven, so what do you do?
Go to church once a week? Okay.

What about reading the Bible? You read a little bit here and there. Maybe you’ve arrived at the point where you feel you should read every day. Good. Have you got it? Is that the breakthrough? Is that the fullness of life?

What about opting to listen to Christian music in the car? Family-friendly, deciding against pop and country, even! Is that the pinnacle of holy living?

Oh I know. A Bible study. Surely, that will be the thing that we do that sets us apart? Bring a dish, let us gather around a meal, because that’s unheard of.

Maybe tithing is it. Writing that check for 10%, yes. Generosity. Walking in that. Check. Let me make sure to deduct it from my taxes though, so I see it again. Isn’t it convenient?

Where’s the power of Jesus?
Where’s the authority of Jesus?
Where’s the life of Jesus?
Where’s the fullness He died to secure for us?
Is it waiting only in heaven?

Jesus, we are extending our hands to you, asking You to see this on earth. We want to experience fullness of life!
I am praying for a generation that isn’t simply following that checklist: church, Bible, music, fellowship, giving.

A generation like that is merely sitting on their hands, serving a convenient religion of a God who may as well be dead because His followers don’t acknowledge Him but for 5-10 hours a week.

Anybody can be a ‘Christian’ by those standards. It isn’t at all painful. It’s actually quite pleasant and remarkably convenient. It makes for great barbeques, nice friendships, and it leaves lots of time for doing whatever else you may want to do! You can still do everything you did before. Your schedule never has to change, or your priorities, or your heart, or your mind. You’ll be told constantly that you are loved by God, and you are, just as you are! You’ll sing about loving Him back. He hears those songs, He loves your praises, and He reaches into your heart to break it. He wants to change your life completely! He wants you to drop what you’re doing and follow Him, whatever that looks like! It’s a radical switch that looks nothing like before. What if He wants to send you to another place? What if He needs you to do a different job? What if you’re not asking? What if you’re not listening?

Your spirit responds, “more, Jesus, MORE” but are your actions denying your spirit of the abundance of Christ?

The unfortunate reality of living the way you always have, is that you will continue to have exactly what you have.

Do you want more?
What will it take?
This is an altar call for the saved.

Jesus wants you, and all of you, right now.

 Do not be conformed to this world,but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. [Romans 12:2]

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