You’re Mine

Just a brush past You, King.

It only takes the smallest glimpse, a breeze of heaven passing through to halt my everything. I’m on hold for You.

My full attention, Yours. The divine tension of my soul turning away from the world, my straying eyes now straining toward the Throne Room. Holy.

God, I am listening. Speak! Say the words I need so desperately. I’m starving from not having come to the table. Are You still able to receive me now? Are You with me?

Always. Forever. I AM hereby tethered to you, enamored by you, my bride. My very blood covers you. Will you remain beside me? Will you trust me? How I love you, the very same, if not even more today. I AM your everything, just a brush is all it takes for you to know you’re Mine.

He will have me. He will keep me. He will not give me over to any other. I had thought that I could lose my way until I remembered jealousy keeps me. He keeps me, and I’m a fool to think another could steal what He has called His own. If the Consuming Fire is ravished by my small heart, what man of the earth, what power of heaven or hell, can keep me from Him? -Dana Candler, Deep unto Deep

One thought on “You’re Mine

  1. This should honestly be a song. I am commenting on almost all your posts.. Sorry girl, they’re just so interesting and thought provoking


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