It was supposed to be a quick phone call…

This amazing woman and I got to talk on the phone about Phylla House and God did a lot more… she wrote about it. Tonight, I got to meet her when she came to share with us at our Gainesville group.
Wow, go Jesus!!!

He Passionately Pursues Me!

For my job here in Georgia I work on a 2 week schedule meaning every 2 weeks I am off. I started looking into finding a second job or at least a way to volunteer to take up some of this time as I am working to build community and transition from all I knew in WI. I applied to volunteer with an organization that is in short all about empowering (divorced, widowed, single moms) women to serve boldly in the kingdom! <—– ok how cool?! If you know me at all you know I am all about empowering women so yeah pretty perfect! So any who tonight was my “phone interview” I guess you could say, ya know a short 20 minute phone conversation and then it’s over and you show up to help out in whatever way needed.

Almost an hour later God obviously had a different plan…

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