Bye Bye Balloons

Although most of you enjoyed the balloons on this blog, it’s time for a fresh, more clean-cut theme. Hopefully the content is more straight-forward and easily accessible. The whimsical gist of the blog isn’t lost.


Now I added random header pictures… if you’re a follower since November, look out for Elijah when he shows up. If you don’t get it… well go read all my blogs and notice that it’s just become an inside joke to re-use that meme as much as possible. And go read 1 Kings 18 for the reference.

I wanted to thank my readers… yall… this bloguito started from scratch back in November, and it’s already had over 4000 views. It definitely encourages me to keep sharing if you guys take the time to read. My old platforms, bless their hearts… they were ghetto. Back in the days of Xanga, I blogged a lot, since 2004. Then, I moved on up in 2010 to Blogspot, which has become the myspace of blogging. Ew.

When I went overseas in 2012, my World Race blog was my main platform. After getting home, I tried. I tried to blog somewhere, but I needed a fresh place to write. And bam. Here’s Rise & Shine, becoming that platform.

I also write for Phylla House, but that’s tougher for me. Phylla House has to be solid, Biblical teaching. Often times, it just has to be raw testimony. I don’t have that depth all the time to my writing. I think I could have it if I kept practicing, but it’d feel forced. I wouldn’t want to write about the mysteries of God without the proper awe and tone. Healing hearts are sensitive. I don’t want to be careless.

If there’s one thing you guys should know about me, is that my tone changes a lot. My voice shifts quite a bit when I’m writing. My Twitter looks like it’s a shared account between a lady in her 40’s and her teenage daughter haha. I’m trying to hone in well as a writer and be more disciplined about sticking to one voice for Phylla House. Meanwhile… I can sound like whatever I want here.


Upcoming blogs to watch for::
The April update (I set goals, remember?)

The receipt (sometimes I do creative writing on random items)

The funk (I gotta get vulnerable for this one)

The guardian (the blog about my defenses)

Comments about the new blog theme and/or suggestions for upcoming blog topics are most welcome… leave me some sugar.

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