Haircuts and Travels

I got a haircut.

Took off about 4 inches of sad sad damaged mission field hair. People are no longer asking me if I’m in an extreme sect of Christianity, or if I’m doing a Nazarite vow.


…this was pretty much me…

Even so, my hair is still long enough to keep getting caught in everything. Doors, zippers, children, jewelry… my keys once… drinks with lids, even. My watch. My ID at work. I guess the list would be smaller if I listed the things my hair has yet to entangle.

But I got it cut, so here’s to hoping for a noticeable decrease in hair-related accidents.


In other news, I am on the brink of a pretty amazing trip in ONE WEEK! I’ll be writing a whole other blog in June, you just wait. For now, I can say Texas is on the itinerary, as well as new states and new cities, and airplanes, and familia! It’ll be a great and welcome break too, since I’ve been working 50-65 hours a week these last few weeks, to guarantee the Brazil trip in October! Oh yeah… I’m also going to Brazil in October!!! 🙂

And even before that, I’m going to Uganda. This trip has been on the back-burner because it’s been a thing I knew that the Lord would provide and make a way for… and yet it’s been hard to communicate and figure out details. But Jesus is on it! He’s all over the passports, and providing for the cost, and the logistics. He’s on it. And after having traveled around the entire globe with a backpack, I realize that it’s really not that complicated, especially in Uganda. Life is simple.

And if you’re reading this and you have a passport and you want to come to Uganda with us in July or possibly August (if the trip date moves) for 10 days, please comment or email me at and you just might be able to hop on that plane with Kayla and I. Kayla’s never been on an airplane before. What a sweet honor to get to take her to visit the widows!

And the grand finale… here’s the only picture I have of my new haircut when it wasn’t in a pony-tail… brought to you by my sweet friend Margaret’s Instagram.


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