Courage AND

I’ve been learning lately that courage comes with strings attached.

You can’t just have courage. It doesn’t sit still, or conform, or shush.
Better yet, you can’t be known as courageous without acts of courage.

Courage demands action.

Even if that action is waiting, courageous waiting is very much active, vibrant even.

Looking at the Bible, most times when the word COURAGE pops up, there’s usually some kind brave action or controversy involved.

Joshua being commissioned to go and take the promise land.
David talking about the courage to pray for the building of the temple, which was a pretty lofty thing and a concept at this point.
Solomon is being commissioned to build the temple, which, if you go read about it, is quite the undertaking.
Asa removing idols.
Azariah and 80 more priests going to confront and rebuke King Uzziah.
Ezra gathering leaders.
The disciples figuring out that Jesus was walking on water.
Peter and John preaching boldly.
Paul being told to go take the gospel to Rome.
Paul in the midst of a shipwreck.


You see a theme? I’ve left out a few, but you see here what’s going on. Courage doesn’t lie dormant. Courage shines in the rising up to ________.

Usually that blank is filled with something unlikely or heavy or controversial. Something that God asks you to do that you know you better do otherwise… well you don’t even wanna find out the otherwise. Otherwise is mediocre and cowardly. It looks safer, but let’s be honest… there’s no safer place than in the will of God, in the center of His Sovereignty. Because SAFETY, the world says, is comfort– that’s untrue.  Anything outside of The Way is rather unsafe, when we think we know better than God, or when we put anything (our lives, even) ahead of His call.

Safety is listening to Jesus, and obeying His call. Safety isn’t health, or physical comfort. Safety isn’t routine or predictability.

Because isn’t it courageous to be able to say…

I eagerly expect and hope that I will in no way be ashamed, but will have sufficient courage so that now as always Christ will be exalted in my body, whether by life or by death. (Phil 1:20)

How will you walk out your calling with courage?
What is God calling you to courageously DO?

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