Having the Time of My Life

Oh this past month or so… It’s been tough at times, with me picking up the pieces of my shattered expectations. Then it’s been fun, as I chunk them in the air and pretend they’re glitter. Life really is what you make it, and joy is as unconditional as you allow it to be. It is, after all, a fruit of the Spirit, not a fruit of situations.

You’ve probably noticed how I’ve been writing less blogs and posting less on social media. It’s not that I’ve been less vibrant, but I’ve been selective, protective even. This is the time I’m alive, aka the time of my life. I am having the time of my life, yes? Yes.

In the beginning of June, I traveled quite a bit. I spent a week in Las Vegas, ventured out to Mt. Charleston and it was fun and restful. I got a full tour of Vegas and saw all the cool, shiny, fountain splashy places.

Then I spent a week in Texas, and had the honor of teaching at the 2014 Song of Solomon Revival for girls. I was a leader last year, and it was awesome to visit my girls a year later, and meet new faces. I saw quite a few of my World Race friends along the way too, from 4 different squads. Time with my family was good! Made it to the lake a couple of times, ate some great food, toured around quirky shops, rode around in the 1925 Dodge, and explored Austin.

Being home these last two weeks has been challenging, but rewarding. It’s been a big time of prayer, listening, discerning, and communicating with Jesus. I’ve had to make tough calls, have even tougher conversations, and really stand my ground. Lots of tears, but God, has it been worth it. Phylla House is going through changes, and it is not comfortable! I’m shifting into learning again, and I’ll post about more of that soon. I’m learning that obedience is a dance, and I just have to look good spinning and not look down at my feet, just the Savior’s eyes.


It’s sweet to not be on my phone as much, and just be present. It’s nice to give people my undivided attention, and to shift my notification settings so that my phone isn’t always blowing up, because let’s be honest, my phone is always blowing up. It is INSANE. I’d love to be known as someone who ‘always answers’ and ‘texts back quickly’ but then I’d have to give up my presence everywhere I go… I can’t do that anymore.

On my free time, my sacred circle gets me: that’s 4 people. Family gets me. Emergencies, yes. Everybody else, when I can. Anything else, when I can. I love y’all dearly, but if you want time with me, plan on meeting me. Get lunch. Get coffee. Be in person and I’ll put my phone away just for you… or skype me or schedule a call. I love scheduled calls! I cherish and honor those!

It’s 2014, and the era of smart phones and high-speed is in full swing. I will be selective and protective of my time, my memories. I’m having the time of my life, and I’m making it count!

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