Jesus has truly outdone Himself in the extravagant surprises category of my life.

I was praying and asking Him if He could take me overseas again this year, to do something for Him. I was looking mainly at Central America, just dipping my toes. If you take anything from this blog, it’s that you should be asking God for those little Kingdom nudges. Just ask. He LOVES to send. And….

He’s taking me to THAILAND for a week!!!

Adventures In Missions has given me the incredible honor of leading 21 women on an International Encounter trip, and working with Lighthouse In Action in Chiang Mai. We will be doing a mixture of ministry in the bars, teaching English, and possibly visiting villages. Lots of pictures to follow, and I will be eating every single thing I see, because Thailand has the most delicious treats. Pray for my pants to fit when I get home, ’cause mama gon eat like a bear.

I leave on July 23rd and return on August 3rd. This is such a timely blessing, tell you what. God knows what He’s doing! 

Please pray for safety, health, joy, and an incredible encounter with Jesus for my team and the Thai people we encounter.


Hipster cat in honor of all the Asian cats ❤

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