5 Truths About Womanhood

It’s easy to lose sight of the very good thing that it is to be a woman. Sometimes our attributes get slammed down, and I want to call them up. Here goes my affirmation, encouragement, and sincere reminder that God did say that we are ‘very good’ creations.

1) WE FEEL FEELINGS AND IT IS BEAUTIFUL. I rebuke the lie that we are an overly-emotional gender. I rebuke the lie that to express feelings is to be dramatic. Feelings are valid. Feelings do not excuse us from the commandment to be loving. You can be both expressive and loving if you are wise with your words. Tenderness of heart is a treasure, and it is good.


2) WE ARE NURTURERS. I rebuke the lie that motherhood isn’t a job or a gift. The enemy is out to destroy families, and one way to do that is to diminish the beauty of the task of nurturing the next generation. It’s okay to want kids. It’s okay to give them your time. It’s okay to put a career in the back-burner/on hold if that is what you choose. It’s also okay to be a working mom and feel that tug in your heart. That tug means you’re a nurturer, not weak, not a bad mom.


3) WE ARE MADE TO BE PURSUED. I rebuke the lie that we are not worthy of pursuit. It’s okay for us to ask someone out, to initiate, to be adults, but don’t take over the pursuit. In the last few days, I’ve been asked on dates and it’s shocked me a bit. I had lost confidence that I was made to be pursued because I had become expectant of having to do the work. Align yourself with the truth and faith that you are worthy and the gift of your companion is worth being pursued.


4) WE ARE INHERENTLY BEAUTIFUL.  I rebuke the lie that beauty is skin-deep or weight-related. Let your love pour out, let the way you love others be beautiful. If you ask me, my grandmother is the most beautiful woman on the planet. It is not for her appearance, although I think her appearance is stunning still, but I can see her inherent loveliness. Train your eyes to see this.


5) WE CAN FEEL PRETTY OR NOT. I rebuke the lie that you have to feel pretty all the time. There are days we don’t feel pretty (yet we know we are inherently beautiful). One of my favorite things about being a woman is that it’s OKAY to feel icky, cramped, bloated, etc. YET we have these fun days when we are getting ready with the girls, and we feel so pretty. Pajama days don’t define you or make you gross. Remember the good hair days and give yourself some grace, woman, gosh.



Believe this.
Believe that the Lord made you and loves you.
And He will sustain you, amazing woman of His. 

“Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill His promises to her!” Luke 1:45

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