Oh How He Loves Me

Every day, I stand in awe of the kindness and intentional pursuit of a God who truly loves me.
What doesn’t He do for me?
What wouldn’t He do to sweep me off my feet?

Today He showed me water lilies (my favorite, most difficult flowers lol) and got me bubble tea, peach! He reminded me of how faithful He was to have brought me around the world and to Georgia. I couldn’t have imagined any of this journey. We walked together and caught the early morning breeze in Thailand. He allowed me to share my story with women, He let me brag on His goodness.

He’s been preparing a home for me. A new one. He’s setting it up. We’re decorating it together. We’re moving. We’re advancing.

He’s been challenging me, stretching me, growing me into a deeper knowledge of Himself. I can read one sentence and have it resound in my heart, a fresh revelation. We are in the deep together. We dance.

We adventure together. The sounds of a different language, a foreign culture, enchanting, all around us. I find myself in awe. His company is so comforting. I get to share in this adventure with Him, the thrills of this short vapor of a life on earth. Our life together is anything but boring. Oh the places we will go. My Darling and I, we are adventurers.

He provides for me. I work hard, but I know deep down that I will never go without. He loves me too much. His thoughts are ever on me, and He generously shares with me His Kingdom. I’m so secure, so set. What a Husband.

He has the next generation in mind. He laughs with me when I joke about abducting Thai babies into my backpack. Obviously I won’t, but my heart for adoption is sweet to Him. He loves it. His Father heart echoes with my mother heart. He trusts me with His own.

And as I sit here in Asia, I know that one thing remains. The reason I live and breathe: to enjoy this love, from glory to glory, into eternity. Oh how He loves me, and I Him.

Love never fails.

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