Regrets of the Ordinary

Regret is a haunting thing.

It takes you back to the crossroads, where you made a big decision. nyccrossroadRegret walks you down the other choice, and whispers ‘what if?’ and waits. It shakes your resolve without offering resolution. Regret leaves you feeling empty, hollowing out your confidence.

And yet, we pass by these crossroads every day. Sometimes we coast through, close our eyes, and blindly choose. Sometimes we let life choose for us, passively. Then we point regret to its best friend, victim mentality.

Reality is that you are a powerful person. Every single day you make decisions that affect others and your future. You have influence, and it is your choice whether or not you steward well the influence you’ve been given.

I’ve met plenty of people who have chosen to remain ordinary. It’s a heartbreaking thing. Do they have gifts? Yes, but they shy away from them. It’s a work of the enemy, to sabotage such incredible potential.

They don’t realize that their voice is important, heard, and influential. They, then, stay silent.

They succumb themselves to floating along, simply accepting life as it comes instead of positioning themselves ahead of the curve. In Christ, we can do that! Jesus is already aware of what’s next, and He’s alive, and He’s speaking.

Yet, the ‘ordinary’ are passive victims of whatever cards are dealt to them, pretending they don’t have access to the entire deck, because, why, that’s an overwhelming amount of choices, and that would require commitment, that would require some kind of fervor. Lukewarm wouldn’t do.

Crossroads, then, come and go. Pivotal moments. Monumental choices, unmade. Unmade!

Do they not realize that an unmade choice takes just as much commitment as a purposeful choice? That ‘whatever happens’ has just as many binding consequences? That an uncommitted lifestyle is a lifestyle of commitment to non-commitment? Those who claim not to believe really do “believe,” they just misplace their faith.  It takes just as much faith to not believe, to trust someone’s words over God’s. It takes just as much commitment to skid by in life uncommitted to the Kingdom, instead committed to the idea of being ordinary or being one who ‘doesn’t know.’

Our Father knows everything, and we are His children. We cannot claim both to hear His voice and to be ignorant.

My heart hurts for those who lack the zeal to walk confidently, who find themselves stumbling along without a direction, and who are constantly taunted by regret. Life becomes more of a guessing game, a pitiful story, a long ride on the struggle bus.

Each of us has the capacity to impart great change for the Kingdom.
We have but this vapor of a life, and we shouldn’t spend it on lesser things.

I challenge you to open your heart and listen carefully for God’s will. That may not manifest itself as a detailed calling for your life, but you can tap into the needs of this world. Ask the Lord what breaks His heart, what He’s ready to change in this world, perhaps through you, and commit your heart to His answer.

Commit your heart to any cause of the Kingdom. Look at the movement of God, and join in.

What we can’t have are “ordinary” believers who doubt  so strongly that their personal desires would go unfulfilled by serving alongside their Father, that they choose to sit on the sidelines. We need active intercessors, active worshipers, active counselors, pastors, evangelists, activists, mothers, fathers, rescuers, defenders. We need active arms and legs, not atrophied by indecision or hesitation. Be the Body of Christ, living, thriving, powered by Sanctifying Blood. Fulfill confidently the role of enjoying and carrying His presence.

At the final crossroads, there will be those who are set aside, who failed to see the obvious, and ask ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you?’
And He’ll reply  “Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.”

You have these grand opportunities in life, you do. You have the choice of changing the world for the Kingdom, or not. I pray you will look back and know you chose bravely, purposefully, and stepped forward the way Jesus would. He will give you sufficient courage to live in fullness.

As the Spirit of courage seeps into your bones, regret has to leave.
You may not know your calling, but you are not called to be ordinary.

2 thoughts on “Regrets of the Ordinary

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  2. And in the end, if we all decided to NOT be ordinary, being set apart will become the new norm 😉 … awesome post as always


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