Trading Good for Best

I’m taking a break today from exhortation and writing just as a personal update. Hey.

Like my last blog said, God has helped me. My season of chaos looks much smaller in the rearview mirror, as I speed ahead on this smoother road. I keep noticing now, how God has been constantly challenging me to trade good for best. If you’ve ever tried to get a child to give you something, or a cat to come to you, or a dog to drop its toy, then you might have an idea how that’s been going for me. Believe it or not, some of these exchanges have been mostly graceful. I’m learning.

I’m learning to see it how He sees it, and to hold God to His Word when my senses fail me. I know who He is and what His promises are, and so I shouldn’t fear, worry, or doubt. Sometimes He’ll ask for a big offering, a big surrender, but then it’s closely followed by much bigger reward. I’m noticing this right now with my finances, and with gifts.

I’m learning that people are great, and I love my best friends, my family, I do. However, right now, He’s pulling me to be alone. He’s got some surprises coming for me, and soon! But, right now it’s this sweet tension of me and Jesus, and nothing else comes close. He’s teaching me directly. He’s building me up, like a tower. If you can imagine a tower higher than mountains, you’re getting close. It’s solid too, nothing wiry.

My discernment is turned up and it’s sometimes obnoxious. The other day, I went with a friend to a coffee shop and I could tell all kinds of awful things about the place, and about the guy working there. I could read him like a book. I should have prayed with him, but what I could see was making me nauseous.

My gifts are heightened right now, and I’m okay with that. Turn down for what. I guess I’m ready to go for Bethel, eh?

I’m hoping that when Bethel starts, I’m able to understand a little bit more about why these things are taking place, and my part in it. That’s all I have for now 🙂



PS:: Sorry this somehow got posted without the last sentence, as wordpress does fail, even when you click draft. 😉

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