The Revival Is Here

It’s already happening, you know? The revival we’ve been waiting for? It’s happening.

Revival is happening at the hospital, at my work. My coworkers are texting Bible verses to encourage their friends. I have coworkers subscribed to my devotional.The janitor tells me about his gift of teaching, about the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Healing is taking place, people who should have been dead. I scroll through the ER boards, I pray. I may not see the end result, but I believe it! I believe that Jesus is still the same, that a grasp of the hem of His clothing can heal, and if we are clothed by Him, then we carry such a power. Peter’s shadow. I read my Bible and I believe it. Do you? You should, because it’s happening. The impossible stuff? It’s happening, for the glory of God, in the name of Jesus.

Revival is happening on my phone. Yep. It rings, people calling me for HOPE. They want a dose of HOPE. Just this week, two suicidal women called me, saying “it’s bad,” and guess what? They called ME. Me! They call me. Do you see it? That’s revival. I am a big, giant jar of HOPE OF JESUS, and these ladies have my number. I answer. I listen. I pray with them. I call them out on the lies they’ve been agreeing with. I tell them the truth, but so wrapped in love. I prophesy over them about LOVE and POWER. They call me, and then we call Jesus. Jesus answers. He’s got all the right answers. Guess who they want to talk to when they dial my number? They want to talk to Jesus! That’s revival.

Revival is happening through the devotional I’ve been writing. I’ve been at it for 9 days, got 78 subscribers, some are STRANGERS! I get feedback DAILY on how Jesus is using it! We do different things each day of the week, and it’s amazing to see the responses to prophecy, exhortation, worship, teaching, creativity, processing, and a sermon. Each of these things are edifying, and they have been impacting people in different ways, praise God! A nice cold drink on a hot desert day is the gospel presented to you in the way your heart has been craving to have it. And God keeps speaking to me, I get something new every single day. Out of this overflow sprouts A Tree of Life.


#ATLdevo:: Fridays are out of the box.

Revival happened tonight at Waffle House. Our waitress quickly recognized us as Bethel people, and told us that THE ONLY REASON she keeps her Monday and Tuesday night shifts is that Bethel people come in. That’s Jesus, walking into the room. She’s sensing His presence, His fragrance, His love through His kids, because we look like Our Dad! That’s what revival is: Jesus walking in and being recognized, being desired.

I want to testify that the revival is here. He’s here. He’s walking into the room. He’s being called. He’s being sought after. His creation is craving time with Him. They are receiving their healing, their hope, their joy… in HIM!

You needn’t wait any longer to join in, you know. It’s happening. Listen in and follow the music, as He sings over His beloved creation, His song of love and redemption. His song is saying “I’m with you, I’m with you, I’m with you.”

Revival is Jesus and He’s walking and He’s here.

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