The 3am’s of Life

Ever have something screaming inside to say?

And you realize that it’s crazy, but you want it anyway?

You think it makes no sense, and it couldn’t be true,

I mean could it? How quickly can a promise come through?

He said I’m on the highway, speeding forward in progress.

He hands me a box, and it’s a liquid diamond wedding dress.

He throws my fears into the sea, like a rock they skip

Seventeen times and sink down, what the flip????

Seventeen, I don’t even understand what it is,

Yet my heart is so very encouraged by this.

As I sit, and I laugh, and I’m healed by Your grace,

I look up, 3 am? Now, I see face to face

That Your plans to prosper me weren’t a lie,

That You can love me more in the blink of an eye

Than anyone could had they spent all their life

Convincing me I’m desired, that I’m the best wife.

Yes, Jesus, You really are more than enough,

I realize this, then You just make it tough

To sleep, telling me to keep my heart open

Because what I’ve been hoping for is here.

3 am rolled, hello love, goodbye fear.

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