And Then I Fell In Love

As you’ve read before, Jesus has spoken CALI over me a while back, but He’s just continually bumping it further forward. Today, He did it again. I’m not mad about it.

I was sitting in awe of a realization during one of my Bethel sessions. The speaker, Scott, was talking about identity, and he asked people to respond by standing, to receive some words of truth over their identity.

I stayed sitting. There was a humming peace in my heart, just humming ‘yeah’ and I knew as he started speaking that Jesus had said those words to me 3 years ago, during World Race training camp. Jesus had said ‘you’ve been hurt but now you’re healed. And I call you Mighty Healer.’

And that’s not bad for my first time hearing His voice!

Today, though, Jesus said ‘go and see what I’m doing’ so I got up and started ministering and prophesying over a few people who were crying.

IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL. I caught a glimpse of His love for them, and I was stunned.

Then He said ‘do you see what I’m doing now?’

And everything in me crumbled in the best way. I fell in love with these people, my class, especially the younger gals that are 18-22.  Jesus asked if I’d invest in these leaders, specifically if I’d invest in them for longer than a year.

I couldn’t resist. It’s love, and it all made sense. Why I came to Bethel and how I would learn how to disciple leaders of leaders of leaders. It’s through investment in my class. It’s not something I can read from a book, or something I can “just know” how to do, but a lifestyle of impartation and an outpour of invested love. I’m getting to practice here, living out my full calling. To embrace, engage, and empower. To pastor. To come alongside in the journey. To commit. To do what I see my Father doing!

California gets to wait until He brings it up again. How will He fulfill this word? I don’t know, but He’s faithful.

On the side, I’ll be working on Phylla House leadership training, and equipping leaders to start the houses. This dream is happening, and I am all in.

My life got adjusted like a bent back, and I grew a little.

Floating on the clouds is what it feels like when your heart is so full of Love and dreams, and not weighed down by fears. Bravery makes history. Love influences the King.

I’m staying brave in my clouds, gonna open my heart wide, and invest with my love in these gals. I’m doing all 3 years at Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry.

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