50 Reminders of Who I Am

Today, I hiked Stone Mountain by myself and for the first time. The thought of doing this alone seemed strange yet comforting. I usually do these kinds of things with people, for the company, and so I’d never need to take a selfie. This mountain was for me and only Jesus. Also, my selfie game was on point.


The whole way up, I was smiling. I must have looked crazy, but I couldn’t help it. You see, He was overwhelming me with compliments. The littlest things about me, that He loves. How He loves how excited I got when I put on my pink-stripe socks. How He loves the freckles on my shoulders. He loves that I get sidetracked by little flowers and how I take too many pictures.

20140922_190946Then He started to reveal to me that He thought of me when He made the little flowers I was admiring. How they were placed there because He knew I would appreciate them like I do. How He makes certain flowers just so they can be plucked and put in my hair, to adorn me. He told me about my wedding flowers, and then we got on the subject of love and weddings. Jesus is so much better than Pinterest when it comes to creativity.

On the way up, I kept stopping to get pictures of the views, not realizing how much better the top view was going to be. You see, sometimes we don’t realize how much better things can get, and we think that we need to remember the lesser things. This was a reminder to be okay with the unknown of the ascent, and trust that the summit will be worthwhile and more beautiful than any view from the middle. I picked up the pace.


As I reached the top, I had made it just in time. Several people sat, awaiting the sunset and the colors to change. A glow hovered over the Atlanta skyline. The skyscrapers looked tiny from the distance and from the top. I started hearing loud and clear the passages where Jesus says that we are to be a city on a hill. Also, passages about cities of refuge came to mind from the Old Testament. I remembered that Jesus has likened me to Hebron, Caleb’s portion inheritance and city of refuge. I love it.

As I took pictures and sighed, He reminded me of who I am, not that I’d forgotten, but the Holy Spirit is constantly reminding us of things. These were a few reminders from Him of who I am:

  1. I’m His fire daughter, a city on a hill, never hidden, and yet I’m His secret place.
  2. I’m like a strong tower, made to stand out and represent His strength.
  3. I stand healed from so much pain, having processed and pushed past the coping mechanisms I once had, like running, venting, and dependency on others. None of which are inherently bad, but when these methods were my first response instead of crying out to my Father, instead of running into His arms, they were worthless, awful wastes of my time.
  4. Freedom looks good on me. I feel light as a feather, and I want nothing to do with the things that interrupt the flow of the Holy Spirit.
  5. When I’m here, in the flow, there’s more joy and more peace.
  6. I lack no good thing, and the things that I’m awaiting are good things, yes, but I’M the good thing right now.
  7. My heart is tender, whole, and wonderful. I am freely acknowledging what it’s telling me, and taking action accordingly. It’s a brave thing.
  8. My heart has good discernment. Nonstop, it’s instructed by the Holy Spirit, so that’s where it gets its wisdom.
  9. I’m receiving a ton of grace and crowns of life.
  10. I’m becoming more and more a person who follows through.
  11. I am transparent and honoring.
  12. I set great boundaries and I do not cross them when I feel vulnerable.
  13. I walk in a manner that demands dignity and respect, and never sell myself short or allow others to treat me like I’m less than worthy of romance, purity, and to be cherished out loud.
  14. I nip confusion in the bud because I am a brave communicator.
  15. I live with the 24-hour rule installed for feedback.
  16. The environment and culture that I create demand respect and righteousness.
  17. I do not delight in sinful things, as they are now outside my nature.
  18. I don’t participate in gossip conversations.
  19. I do not entertain drama.
  20. Beautiful things never ask for attention.
  21. I am somebody who my future husband would consider dating, because I stand out like crazy and he is confident like crazy.
  22. I am affectionate and affirming, but not a flirt. I honor my brothers.
  23. I’m a fireball of passion, all or nothing.
  24. I’m stubborn but I’m not afraid to change my mind.
  25. I fight for love and love fights for me.
  26. Love persuades me, and always wins.
  27. I don’t yet know all of my favorite things, but I’m on a journey with the One who knows them all and will reveal them to me. Therefore, I do not make assumptions based on my limited experience and I invite diversity into my life.
  28. I’m living out a life that does not conform to the patterns of this world, a life of abandon, adventure, and openness.
  29. I carry a motherly, nurturing, peaceful, joyful spirit.
  30. I invest wholeheartedly in what I do.
  31. I make time for what is most important by saying no to the things that are less important.
  32. I’m comfortable in my own skin, and not self-conscious of my beauty.
  33. I know how to receive and how to embrace.
  34. I value quality over quantity. I value quality in general.
  35. I can differentiate between having affections and having empathy.
  36. I do not let my physical eyesight deceive me over my spiritual eyesight.
  37. I foster obedience in the quiet hour, not in the last minute.
  38. I would rather be vulnerable than be composed.
  39. I would rather ask than wonder silently.
  40. If my life were a sound, I’d like for it to be a roar, not a whisper.
  41. I firmly believe I was fashioned for greatness.
  42. I walk in expectancy of God’s favor, as His goodness and mercy follow me all the days of my life.
  43. I am self-aware and aware of others.
  44. I am a pastor and I shepherd with healing hands.
  45. I am a feeler and intercessor, and I cherish my gift.
  46. I’m a prophetic encourager and a writer of truth.
  47. I’m no longer afraid to cry or of people’s reactions to my tears.
  48. I am brave in love and fierce in battle.
  49. I laugh through hard times and I don’t apologize for my joy.
  50. I pray for impossible things every single day.

Very fruitful hike haha. Never a dull moment with Jesus.


What are 50 truths of who you are? Do you know? Ask the Holy Spirit to remind you and journal or blog about them.

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