Lukewarm Choices

I had a revelation at Ross, of all places, about something that is accepted, even in ‘christian’ culture, and shouldn’t be.

We make bad choices based on limited options.

Now wait a minute, because I want to unpack this.

We choose things for ourselves that we would not choose if we had another, better option. We actually THINK this, and then choose it anyway. To me, this is wrong.

I almost bought a pair of shoes because they were the least hideous in my size. Least hideous. Those shoes were all ugly. Out of limited choice, I almost made an extremely limiting decision. I would have spent the money that could have gone toward the original purpose, to get a pair of shoes I LIKE, precisely on the opposite thing, which is junk.

We are okay with lukewarm as long as it is immediate and somewhat satiates the need.

That’s stupid.

That’s not at all excellent.

Take a moment to think about the ways where you DO or NEARLY DO settle for less than excellent, and consider the price you pay for something that takes up the place of what could be instead. Sometimes it’s better to yearn and temporarily go without than to make a hasty, sloppy choice, and be discontent with what you’ve chosen.

And have to carry around the reminder that you choose for yourself things that are less than what you actually want, and for what? For convenience? How inconvenient, in the long run, is the consistent choosing of lesser things?

Pass it up and wait for excellent.

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