Going In

I just listened to a message by Christine Caine, and I think it just changed my life… it was exactly what I needed to hear.

I’ve been looking out when I’ve needed to be looking in. The most productive and aware I am is when I’m looking in. He tells me incredible things when I’m looking IN. And that’s the very thing that Christine Caine called ‘the dark room’ in her analogy to the development of film. So I’m going in for a while, another while, and then half a while. I’m going to spontaneous worship all the way back in, and sing the songs I hear in the heavenlies, and write the words I hear Him say.

I’m gonna do the thing and stop looking out for a bit.

And I’m sure people will still seek me out. I’m sure they’ll text and call and whatnot. And I’ll do my best to reply, but just know where I’ll be and why I might delay. It might look like isolation or hibernation, but I guarantee I won’t be alone.


Even now, I’m already walking with Him. He just moved a branch from the way like it was made of rubber, He just lifted it up and it bent. Branches don’t do that, but Jesus does whatever He wants… and I walked underneath, and He said “look” and I find myself squinting…. looking past a field of yellow flowers to something that is red… just so you know what I’m doing… I’m sight-seeing with Jesus. Can’t beat that.

I’ll be back soon enough.

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