Growing Fonder

It’s funny what happens when I take a break from my regular life for 2 weeks. I’m 27, and as inconsistent as I appear on social media, I’m actually a creature of habit. I love my routine. I’m quirky, and I do repetitive things. I get home, light candles, put on music. I’m methodical when I clean and cook. I’m kinda OCD, not gonna lie. I like things just right. Ask any of past roommates, it’s a little scary.

And here I am, in Brazil, routine aside. I cling to my phone like it’s my little piece of home. You know how silly that looks? To think that a phone can help me be somewhere else? It’s okay to put it down and away. When I check it, I usually didn’t miss too much. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought “Oh I gotta do laundry when I get home, and dust. Oh and I need a new pumpkin spice candle…” haha and I am nowhere near home right now and I can file that in my memo and stop. But does it keep me from planning my routine when I get home? Nope. Not even close.

I realize how NOT lonely I was in Atlanta, and how much I love my Bethel people and my besties. I miss them, and it’s made my day to text, skype, and still get invited to everything even when I’m on a different hemisphere. I miss worship with my church. I miss my coworkers and working. I miss blood and typing numbers really fast. I miss signing my initials.

Am I completely ungrateful? No no no no… I am super thankful. You see, Georgia is where my daily life takes place. Vacation isn’t my normal. I’ve traveled the world and had NO routine for 2012, and came back and look at me. I have normalcy again. I’ve moved and moved, and yet there it is: I love my day-to-day with Jesus.

cropped-atlbaby.jpgI’m grateful to be spending time with my aunt and grandma. It’s been wonderful. I’m enjoying the talks, the laughs, the views, and seeing the streets I walked when I was little. I’m pumped to be part of my aunt’s wedding and it’s gonna be amazing. I’m eating absolutely everything, knowing the jeggings and layers I’ll be wearing when I’m home will be gracious. Pile on the Brazilian sweets, yolo. I’m marathon training anyway, so I’m obediently carb-loading. Twist my arm.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I’m feeling that I’m growing fonder. I’ll be saying goodbye to my family here in 4 days, and as heartbreaking as that is, I’m not going back home to nothing. I have a full life that brings me joy, and my heart is stretching as I realize how many people and places have my love. Papa says to keep my heart open and my eyes on His, and watch what happens. I’ll let you know as it unfolds, but I can already tell it’s good.

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