The Supernatural

A few nights ago, I got completely overwhelmed (again), but in a good way. I realized I had to write this blog. HAD TO. I can’t go on one more day without telling you this, without sharing what I see and feel.

I was at worship before my class at Bethel, and honestly if I told you the things I experience during worship, you would think I’ve totally lost my marbles. To be fair, I’ve been having these kinds of experiences since 2011, so it’s not like they spiked the koolaid or anything. The Holy Spirit has been hanging out with me since I went to the Vista Community Church, waking me up, healing me, and putting thoughts in my head. I heard God’s voice for the first time at World Race training camp. And now I go to Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry. It’s not Hogwarts, for all ye hilarious comics. The supernatural is real, and I’ve known about it long before coming to Bethel.

So it sounds a little bit like Ezekiel or John, or any of the other super weirdos in the Bible… you know… the passages we go “okaaay sure that’s cool” and keep reading?

I’ve lived and witnessed the majority of supernatural things in the Bible. It’s happened in front of me. I have no business making this junk up, and why would I lie to you? Why would I make up a story?

What should bug most people and Christians is the fact that we study what other people experienced with God in the Bible but have no experiences like that with God. It doesn’t add up.

I wasn’t satisfied with reading in my Bible that it was better for Jesus to go so that the Holy Spirit could come down, and not know what that meant. Why would Jesus say that? Why would He say that He has more to show us than we could bear, but He would send the Holy Spirit to teach us the rest? Why are we not interested in learning the rest?

Do you know about the Holy Spirit? Do you even know who He is? I’m sure your church has taught you that there is a Trinity: Father, Son, Holy Spirit, right? But what do you know and experience about the Holy Spirit?

I am challenging you to go learn more about your own faith, and to uncross your arms, and to unveil your heart to more truth.

Reality is that Jesus said that we could do greater works than He did, but I see a whole lot of people who are not walking in that power. Not one bit. I think this might have something to do with the Holy Spirit, yeah? Power will come down on you? Do these words sound familiar, from Jesus?

We are made to carry a fire, not just warm the pew. We are made to touch people and see them healed, not just stiffly shake someone’s hand. Peace be with you. Show me your peace. Carry your peace. Carry it into work and into your home, when you don’t yell and you don’t panic. Where is the power?

I’ve seen people who were possessed. As in, the demon was TALKING to us in English from a mouth that did not speak English. My team and I would pray in the name of Jesus and the demons would leave, and the person would look calm and joyful again. Jesus did that. The disciples did that. The disciples still do that. It’s in the Bible.

I’ve seen people who were in pain, both emotionally and physically. They were healed when we prayed for them. They weren’t faking it to be nice. I’ve seen a leg grow longer… it was my leg. I’ve had back pains go away. Headaches gone. Fevers go down down down and gone. Not the regular way, either, but the instant prayer way.

And I’ve seen God heal a Muslim woman of her pains. Sweet lady was doing high-knees and laughing, because her pain was gone. Apparently Jesus loves everybody, even when they don’t know Him. How refreshing to see that love demonstrated supernaturally. I bet that lady couldn’t wipe the smile off her face all day, you know, having an encounter with the love of God and all.

I have yet to see someone rise from the dead, but I’m excited to see it. I’ve heard so many testimonies. It happens pretty often, actually.

I’ve heard God’s voice telling me things that I didn’t know. I’ve heard things about certain people and places that I had no way of knowing before. I’ve been told of some future things as well. I’ve had dreams that came true. Vivid dreams that confused me… and then months later they came true. God has a gentle way of warning me and helping me. He has mercy like that.

I’ve experienced the Holy Spirit like heat and electricity. I’ve had heat in my hands, heat on my back, heat on my belly, like a hot water spout was put on it. I’ve felt like warm liquid got poured on my head (ahem, anointing) and I’ve also felt like I was in an elevator going up up up up, and seen a lot of light. My face has gone completely numb and tingly. I’ve had tingles all up my arms. I’ve had visions of places and people I don’t know. I’ve gotten dizzy before, while sitting down, and I thought I was going to fall off my chair. I had to grab hold of it.

These things happen somewhat often, but not everyday. I’ve had hot flashes and anxiety attacks before, and I am telling you that it’s different. Very very different. These things happen when I’m at worship, or listening to a teaching, or praying. Sometimes they happen when I walk into a new room, and feel the shift.

Also, I have felt sympathy pains of people I didn’t know had pains. I’ve felt heartache, grief, rage, depression, and anxiety, all manifest in different places of my body, and it was somebody else’s feeling I was picking up on. The good part is that I recognize the shift in mood or the shift in feeling and I know it isn’t mine. This is one of the lovely perks of the Holy Spirit: He shows you compassion like He feels it. It’s so I can pray and help that person with Him. The feeling leaves me instantly, and usually the other person too.

I’ve known things about people that I didn’t have a way of knowing. That’s called having a word of knowledge. Simple equation: we have the mind of Christ through the Holy Spirit. John 16, 1 Corinthians 2. It helps if you read the Bible. Sorry it’s so long. And also, sorry if you’re too lazy to read the most important book of your whole life. You should probably suck it up and read it, bit by bit. I enjoyed it all a whole lot more when I read the ESV translation chronologically. Read it in order, it’ll make so much more sense, I promise.

It’s okay to question things. It’s okay to not skip the weird parts of your Bible and to ask hard questions. What isn’t okay is that churches don’t wanna get weird and so they preach on safe stuff and leave their congregations as spiritual babies. Babies don’t get to do adult stuff. Babies stick their feet in their mouths and can’t control themselves. They don’t know how to communicate effectively and don’t read for themselves. They don’t know what they’re doing half the time, and they can’t be held responsible because of their immaturity. That’s not how Jesus wants His Bride, and believe me, the Holy Spirit is preparing the Church. He is maturing the church.

We are starting to ask Why. We are getting really curious about the words in that Holy Book. I have full faith that the Holy Spirit will continue to do His job, and that more and more hearts will open up to Him. That people will experience the encounters of the New Testament and get healed, get crazy breakthrough in their lives.

Power will descend on them.

Just today I met a man who was blind in his right eye from an IED explosion in Afghanistan, and got healed TODAY and could see out of his right eye. God hasn’t stopped being Healer or speaking or setting people free, and whoever tells you that is a huge huge liar.

You can try to write off any of what I said, but good luck with that. I’m a medical laboratory scientist and for 24 years I’ve never had any of that happen to me. A hard heart will always look for an excuse. Did you know that some people saw the resurrected Jesus and still didn’t believe? I refuse to come undone to persuade you of what is right in front of you. Eyes that can’t see and ears that can’t hear, tough luck. I still love you.

God is God everyday. He does miracles, signs, and wonders. Check out your Scriptures. Get to know the Father, the Son, AND the Holy Spirit.

I’m here if you need me. I would love to pray for you. I would love to mentor you. I would love to show you what I’ve found. ASK. May the Holy Spirit show up for you like never before and do what He is here to do.

 “I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth, for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come. He will glorify me, for he will take what is mine and declare it to you. All that the Father has is mine; therefore I said that he will take what is mine and declare it to you.” John 16:12-15

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