It might seem crazy what I’m bout to say… no, no, no, not the super obnoxious Happy song, but rather, that God makes all things new.

All things. New.

All. The. Things.


And I read on some email this morning what I already knew to be true. God is doing lots of new things. He did tell me that nothing would look the same, soon, and that He would completely change my life, bit by bit.

Out with the old. I gotta testify, fam. It’s praise time!

It’s gonna sound funny, but it started with my phone dying. Like poof. And my new phone was the same as the old phone, but it didn’t work! What?! So I went to the store and I got a brand new phone, the latest of its kind. And it works so well that it’s not even fair. The thing is a robot. It knows everything. Calling it smart wouldn’t cut it.

Then I got accepted to Bethel School… and my church is new. My community is new. While I miss the old and familiar, it’s strange to say that a strange place feels like home. All my weirdos dancing at the front. I fit right in. I get so many hugs!!!

I moved, and it’s a new place. I live really close to a lot of things. It’s overwhelming, the coolness potential. There are skyscrapers, and I have a mountain 5 miles away, and I now sleep in a hammock. My roommate is awesome, and she’s a fierce preacher of the Word of God.

There were many things in my life that I was fine with. I was okay with my heart where it was, and with my car, and with my job. Oh and with the way Phylla House was stalling. I was okay with these things, even though there was room for improvement.

And you guessed it. New New New New New Neewwaaahhh.

My sweet new car is adorable and I like to think of her as a toddler female child. Sweet Nilla Baby. Full tank for less than $25. Praise Thee, Lord of Hosts.

I am still withholding information on the job situation, but let’s just use a meme to express the emotions… and thanks for praying, because yeah!



Last but not least, Phylla House is moving forward. It’s moving forward! We have a group meeting in Washington state. I want to do a better job with them, and God is providing the wisdom. It’s our third campus. We’ve had one in Gainesville, one in Flowery Branch, and now one in Camas, WA. More, Lord.

I still don’t have a laptop that I can use, because my technical support aka my brother is in Texas. Over Christmas, I’m bringing both laptops (one that is muerto and one that is password locked) and have him and his Chinese buddies have at them. Who knows, they might be able to build a brand new hybrid computer. There is no limit to what China and Brazil can accomplish together. If all else fails, I will then use whatever Christmas money manifests to invest in a new one.

The #ATLdevo is still up and running. Had some technical difficulties, but I am on it, fam. ON IT. Ministering to over 50 people on the new platform, ayyyy Jesus!

If you take anything from this, it’s that I could not have seen this coming. Any of this. It all caught me by surprise, and it happened quickly. When God wants to do things, they just fall out of the sky, I guess. His timing is unstoppable. He roars in us.

If you’re waiting on Him, I pray for endurance. Surely your blessings will also rain down. Lord knows, I struggled, had a rough time, and felt super discouraged. I waited a long time to see a real shift take place, but here it is. Newvember. I love all of it. I receive it.

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