Just a January Update

2015 started off with a sudden change of emotional scenery and a fast-pace jolt into newness. I spent the first weekend of the year relaxing and waiting for the other shoe to drop, waiting for this 18-wheeler-style wave of emotions to hit me… but it didn’t.

The calm before the storm was just calm. No storm. It completely baffled me to have that kind of peace. My roots got a good yank and they held their ground beautifully. The kind of thing that used to completely defeat me took its best swing and missed. And I’d like to thank the general public for being equal parts sweet and absent-minded. *pageant waves and curtsies*


Sunrise by the hospital


I’ve been waiting to write because life has been full. Between work, class, phone calls, appointments, coffee-having, and WR-related events, this week was the best kind of busy. Also, I got to feel just like my favorite princess, Cinderella. But that’s a story for another blog, later on down the road. Maybe Valentine’s Day? It can wait. All I’ll say is that it’s one of the most hilarious chains of events that have ever happened in my entire life.

10922544_10103184849533040_1377080877776844251_n My World Race squad had a mini reunion and my squad coach, Mama C, asked me what was the best thing going on in my life. It took me no time at all to exhale a smile and say “I get something new every single day from the Lord, and I get to pass it forward and teach it. New stories and new breath every single day, and that’s the best thing.”

My own answer surprised me but it’s true. The sustaining vibrancy of my relationship with Him is the best thing in my life. It’s always going to be the best thing.

I’m gonna start to announce the upcoming Leader Training this Spring for Phylla House. Be on the lookout for that toward the end of the month. Be praying and thinking about people who would want to do intentional ministry with local women, once or twice a week. Also be praying that the Lord is preparing your communities and the hearts of people to be receptive to healing and to be less stubborn about brokenness. Jesus is saying “It’s time to clean out that old space, the cluttered room with the locked door, let’s not ignore it any longer. We will go there together and deal with what’s inside.”

It’s 2015 and Jesus is volunteering to deal with all of your crap, if you’re willing. So horribly messy and wonderful. Will you open up?

Have an outstanding week!

2 thoughts on “Just a January Update

  1. Your passion and joy for Life is so contagious! I find myself even more driven to seek God in a new way. This whole thing called Life is pretty great despite the mess that can be made sometimes. I am excited to see you grow and your journey unfold this year.


    • Dawn, thank you so much for reading and for your encouragement 🙂 can’t wait to keep sharing this life and the things I’m learning. People like you make it worth it, and I’m thankful you’re encouraged. Much love to you!


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