Socks, Cats, and Labels

Over the last 3 years, I’ve been learning about my identity, both who I am and what I’m known for. My sense of humor took me down a ridiculous road during the year 2012, when I pretended that I was obsessed with cats, when really I just find cat items and internet cats extremely hilarious. I decided to purchase three shirts with cats on them during my long mission trip, and I wore cats a lot. I mean a lot.


This caught on. My friends and even my family began to buy me cat things and post cats to my social media, and send me messages saying they thought of me when they saw tights, shoes, shirts with cats on them, etc. I had managed to completely associate myself with cats.

Fast forward to Christmas 2014. I truly do love socks. I like them to be crazy, and to have weird things on them. I like flowery ones, and fuzzy ones, and the ones with the aloe. And because I was vocal about my preference to socks, I ended up with NINETEEN new pairs of socks this Christmas. That’s a lot, and I mean a lot.

THEREFORE… pay close attention to the things you associate yourself with, the things you say you like, the symbols you adopt into your personality, and what they represent. You have WAY more control over the impression you make than you realize. You need to be watchful of the labels you give yourself.

It’s one thing to be honest and vulnerable, and another to label yourself a thing that you don’t want to be. For example, if there is a label that you say over yourself that you wouldn’t feel comfortable declaring it over a child, then maybe it’s not a good word to be speaking over yourself.

Don’t call yourself messy, or stupid, or ugly, or unseen, or unstable. Don’t put yourself down, and don’t adopt any patterns of behavior that contradict the dreams you have in your heart. What you put on yourself is what people will perpetuate. I’ve seen it with cats, with socks, and with life in general. What you choose to display and your preferences ultimately set the tone for others to relate to you. You will be known for it. What do you want to be known for?

I had to fight head on against a particular label tonight. A sense of unworthiness came up, along with bitterness, fear of people, and a comparison spirit. I asked for prayer and advice, and my friends sweetly affirmed who I am and the intentions of my heart.

So here are my labels, my declarations:

  • I found that I am known for loving big and for making good decisions.
  • I’m known for the redemption of God in my life, and my passion for the Kingdom of Heaven.
  • I’m known for rising after each time I fall, because I choose to worship Him while I’m still on the floor, in the dirt.
  • I’m known for writing vulnerable and honest blogs and not hiding. I’m known for having nothing to hide, which means I invite the Light into every bit of my life and therefore shine.
  • I’m known for ridiculous puns, for laughing at cat-related things, for tweeting up a storm, and making baller memes.
  • I’m witty, goofy, lovely, and interesting, and my confidence comes from the radiance I get from looking to God.
  • Shame has no grip on me, and my freedom is very attractive.

It’s rare that I go anywhere without receiving a compliment, and I have learned to simply say “thank you” and not bat it away. It’s okay to shine for the Kingdom. I don’t have to slump down, and that’s not what I was called to do. That’s not what you were called to do, either. You should know what you’re carrying and how great you are, because of your Father in Heaven. You walk in His image, and that makes you a head-turner. There’s irresistible power in the Holy Spirit, and your presence should be noticed and felt as His vessel.

With that said, own your stuff. Own what is truly yours, and nothing else. Not a hint of shame, not one lying word. May you clothe yourself with righteousness, strength, and dignity. May you receive in abundance what you declare you desire.

5 thoughts on “Socks, Cats, and Labels

  1. Truth…to well ALL of this! Haha…I was about to mention puns, but then you did, so touche! Thank you for always being real Helena (a Helena mannequin would either be off the wall creepy or total baller…just sayin’)! You always encourage me though with your honesty and Truth. Thanks! For me, instead of cats and such, it’s TMNT and dragons! Haha. I didn’t get any socks this year though…sad day.


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