Receiving Psalm 23

Have you ever found yourself written into scripture? And you’re reading and realizing that it’s you that part of the Bible is talking about? I think we have the whole Word of God to receive. Every little bit of it, plus everything that God is currently talking about. I chose to receive Psalm 23 in its entirety, and it looks like you’re reading The Message version, but nah… it’s my version, my personal interpretation of how I received this psalm. I challenge you to write your own. I challenge you to receive the Word of God for yourself. It was written for your benefit, for your heart.

Here’s my psalm 23:

I look around and I’m satisfied.
You’ve taken care of my needs,
This whole time, and You do, and You will.
Your goodness and 
Keep following me.
You reach out Your hand
For the table is ready,
My feast with the King.
You sure You want me?
You know where I’ve been,
What I’ve done, where I failed.
Yet You love me so fiercely.
Why did You choose me?
I see You walking through
All of my valleys.
Why do You call me?
Why are You singing?
You keep teaching me,
Showing me kindness.
I’m led to green vastness.
This rest feels like home.

I can breathe here.
By waters of peace.
I lay myself down,

with my burdens, my limits,
And my expectations.
I’ll be who You say.
I’ll do what You do.
It’s so much better when I let You lead.
Your love so unfailing
Fills my longing heart.
You don’t seem to be running,
Or changing, or leaving.
Instead You stand there,
Calling me stunning.
I, so undeserving,
Find myself believing.

You don’t care who’s watching,
Or what they might think.
I’m learning from You
To keep my chin up.
My chair You pull back.
My portion is served.
My cup overflows
As You pour me new wine.

There’s nothing I lack
When I live with You,
My Shepherd and Savior.
Affectionate Lover,
What is Yours is mine.

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