Yesterday I got a little angry and defensive, and a bit disappointed that my mood had been disturbed by a Facebook comment. A Facebook comment. Are you kidding me?

I asked my heart why I felt so aggravated, and it all boiled down to feeling misunderstood. Then, I realized that this person wasn’t really my friend and didn’t really know me, and this was okay. What isn’t okay is to give a stranger enough influence to upset me.


My intentions don’t need to be defended, nor do I need everyone to understand me. I am understood fully by only One, more than I or any person ever could. That’s the point, that He’s got an advantageous edge of relationship with each of us.

I find that understanding comes with time, intimacy, and investment. Not everybody will know me, even if I write blogs and they read them. My better friends and closest family are the people who understand me more, because they’ve taken it upon themselves to get to know my heart. They’ve spent time with me, and gotten close to my heart. They’re less likely to misunderstand something I say or do. They’re less likely to assume the worst of me, because they love me. It works like that with the Lord too. We’re less likely to misunderstand Him when we get to know His heart.

People often feel the need to defend themselves, even when there’s no actual threat at all.

The Truth doesn’t need to be defended, because the world did its best to silence Him but failed. He’s the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He’s risen. He’s a lion, fierce and strong. He’s King of Kings, and we’re His people. He’s not a weakling. He’s not upset. He’s not out picking fights to prove He’s right. Nah. He’s smiling and interceding on our behalf, and He’s saying something about His burden being light. That’s not a bad day. It’s not an invitation to picket. Heaven isn’t rioting. Heaven isn’t offended.

I believe that if heaven was bothered, heaven would resolve it all. God would manifest like Godzilla, and crush through it all, blast through the walls like the Koolaid Guy and say “Oh Yeah” and stop all the madness. He’d bust through every sinful scenario and stop it, and make sure it didn’t happen again. He’d tie our hands to our sides and chain our feet to His path. He’d put His hand in through the back of our heads and puppeteer us into singing the right songs and saying the right words. But that’s not Love, is it? I think control looks different than we think, and He must be seeing things He’s happy about.

If you can imagine a mother in her home, and a child running around. The child then bumps a table, and breaks an expensive vase. Glass shatters all around. Is it control for the mother to have foreseen the risk and never decorated her home? Is it control for her to punish her child for running? Or is it control for her to hear the voice of her child calling for her, and to come, protect, and comfort the child, and to help clean up the glass?

I  think God cares about us way more than He cares about the mistakes we make. He cares more about our growth in discernment than the removal of risk. He wants to be understood by us, the misunderstood ones. He wants to show us that we are both fully loved and fully known.

I see that freedom is necessary so that we can have love. And love is necessary so we can be understood. Communication, even crystal clear, fails us sometimes. And love comes to lay down and make a bridge, and smooth it over. Love says “you know me” and “you know what I mean” and fills in when understanding falters.

See, now I’m thankful that I was misunderstood, so that I could feel understood by God and share with you these thoughts. Swerve away from the drama, my friends. In this world, you will have affliction, but drama is optional, amen? Take heart.

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