When people ask me how I’m doing, I am answering honestly. My honest answer is that I’m doing well. I’m actually doing well! There’s not a part of me right now that is in turmoil. I like my job. I like my full schedule. Ministry school is wonderful, and I’ve only got 2 more months before I finish my first year. My weekends are wholesome, restful, and hilarious. My relationship is wonderful.

Ever been in that place? That sweet spot, like you’ve found the rhythm in the song and you’re blending well with an ensemble, and life seems to be nodding at you approvingly? You tap your feet to the catchy melody, and wonder if that music has been playing all along and you just weren’t listening, or if it just came on, breaking the world’s most awkward silence. I’m in this song right now, and I’m thankful.

compassMarch is a verb, and I’d like to think that this month is special for progress, advancement, alignment, order, and unity. Every one of us has something to conquer and something that needs to be aligned to the proper order. I’m asking the Lord to set me up well, to fill me up with thanksgiving for the moment, grace for today, so that I can step into these new places and phases of life with as much dignity and confidence as possible. I’m asking for His holy alignment, so that I can look at what I’ve been given today and not take it for granted. In that thanksgiving, I’m opening the door for increase.

I find that contentment and increase are buddies. People who are content manage to gain something out of every little bit of life. They squeeze the worth, the lessons, the goodness out of what they’ve been given and focus on that. They manage to increase and multiply it with their thanksgiving. Then, the Lord finds that endearing and honoring, and gives them even more to be thankful for.  It’s like professional thanksgiving. I’d like to not remain an amateur at this life skill. I’d like to constantly point out the treasure I’ve been entrusted with.

My biggest treasure are the people in my life and their hearts. Jesus made that connection, between treasures and hearts, and I see it every day.  Where your treasure is, there your heart will also be. If you’re reading this, you’re part of my treasure and I’m thankful for you.

What are you thankful for?

3 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. Ahhh so great! I am thankful for my husband, our life together. I’m thankful that we were able to buy our first home, that we both have jobs. I’m thankful for our health, and our family’s health. 🙂


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