The Myth of Busy

When people ask me what I’ve been up to and I answer, their first response is usually to inform me that I’m busy.

I work full-time night shift at a hospital, am the director of two ministries, go to ministry school on the side from September to April, and I’m part of my church’s inner healing team. On top of that, I take on several ministry calls a week, have a serious boyfriend, quality friends, and I manage to leave the country twice a year. So sure, that might be more than the usual. Granted I don’t have kids. If I let myself think of how much that is, instead of taking one day at a time, then I would drive myself crazy.

Right now I’m going through a training at work, so my hours are noon to 10:30pm. It’s an exception. So today I woke up at 9:30, made breakfast, started getting ready. Had a phone call at 10, which happened to be my ministry school year 2 interview. At 11am I had lunch packed, I was ready to go, and I drove to work. Got there way early, and had some free time to think and be. Worked from noon til 10:30. Got off work and drove home quietly in the car. Got home and here I am, writing this blog. I usually write for about an hour before sleep, whether I am going to sleep at night or in the morning.

That’s how you have the #ATLdevo cranking out daily, and these blogs coming your way. That’s how you have posts on Phylla House and Kisa/Dorcas Widows Fund, and pictures on the Instagram (working on that). Included are a few blogs that post on the CODE Ministries site, that I submit once a month. And if you see a gap in the posts, it’s because something else needed my attention more that day. It’s a tug for time, but God has blessed me with a flexibility and a passion to take it on. Speaking of flexibility, check out this picture of me sleeping soundly in a bumpy African bus. That’s a miracle, fam.


I want to pray a blessing over you and your schedule, that the Lord gives you “skip down the hallway” joy at work, that He fills up your time with reminders of Him, and that He gives you some incredible, illogical rest. Whatever you’re taking on that is a big chore, I pray a surpassing zeal to see it through. If not you, then who? If not now, then when? Ask yourself if what you’re doing is an honor. And if it is, receive that honor. If it’s a good job, receive that honor. If it’s a task you were chosen for, then be thankful for it. Rest is real, but rest is also an attitude. Rest means that some days you have to say NO and mean it. Rest also means that you need to give yourself grace. But I pray you run hard this race, like an athlete going for the gold. Don’t wish away your capacity to accomplish incredible things for a false sense of rest. Ask the Lord what rest is for you, and claim that.

That’s currently what I’m learning about my day-to-day schedule. Sure, it’s full. But I am not overwhelmed. I feel rested. I don’t dread any of it. I like every part of what I’ve chosen to do. I don’t wish away the very things I was entrusted with. I don’t wish away my strengths or my gifts. I want to flex, I want to sweat, and I want to burn bright. At the end of a full day, my sleep is sweet and my heart is overflowing. I lay down my head knowing I held nothing back. That’s the lifestyle I want to build, and that’s done one day at a time.

How do you feel about your schedule? Are you busy or intentionally full?

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