I Trust

I find it more true with each passing day that my eyes can deceive me. Sometimes I look and I see something broken, a lost cause, and I fail to hope because my eyes deceive me so. If I had glimpsed from heaven’s view, from higher heights, I would have seen alternatives and plans. I would have seen strategies for redemption, provision, and new life. I would have partnered with such visions, made myself a willing vessel to carry them out, to ask them into reality, to believe for more than logical, to usher in the miraculous realm in which only God can operate. The very thing that Jesus came to model: the power of faith in relationship with the Father… this is the very thing that often opposes my earthly senses. I am quick to calculate the odds, to add to these my experiences and the experiences of others. I sometimes attach a number, a percentage of likelihood, a financial cost. This, then, begins to guide me instead of heavenly wisdom.

How quick are we to make decisions based on our fears and limitations instead of depending on God’s power and leading? Dead-end endeavors with great intentions become an unintentional hobby, all because we’re not listening with faith but assessing the risk. The risk is great. The risk is what brings faith to the story.

A year ago, my heart was hurting. I look back rarely, because life was so different than it is today. I was terrified of starting over, so I clung as long as possible to the things God was trying to gently pry out of my life. He needed to completely change my life, and I was scared. I knew the change was coming, and I even prayed for it. I knew it was inevitable and timely, and for my good! But sometimes we don’t want things for our good, we want things for our comfort. We want what we want, because we’re used to our ways. Yet God’s ways are so much higher. He understands that transitions are worth it, and He pulls us through times of life when we need to trust Him with everything, when nothing is comfortable or predictable or safe.

nyccrossroadIf you’re going through this now, if life is turning upside down and shifting you into unknown territory, don’t be afraid. God promises {and I back Him up} that you’ll come out stronger. Starting over is like a surprise gift. You know it’s going to be okay, but you don’t quite know what’s in store. If I knew a year ago that I would be here today, the way I am, having learned what I did and having gone through what I did, I wouldn’t have worried. I would have welcomed the process. Sometimes we lack vision and details, and that can make it tough to navigate, but trust steps in when clarity is in shortage.

In the midst of the storm, let the praises from your lips whisper “I trust” and mean it.

One thought on “I Trust

  1. Laying in bed, knot in my stomach, scouring job/car/apartment listings, bombing an interview today, trying to trust it was for a reason, feeling like I’ve hit a scary wall, and I come across this.
    Helena, I can’t express to you how much I needed this tonight. Thank you for listening to the Spirit and bring vulnerable!


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