I have probably moved more times than you. It’s not a bragging right to have moved way over 30 times in under 30 years. What can I say, I’ve had an adventurous time. I’ve had a different story than most. To be fair, I only moved twice in my first 11 years in Brazil. Then, I never stopped.

I moved to America. Three middle schools, two high schools. Moving within the same school district. In college, Summers meant couch-surfing. I’d put my things in storage and crash with friends. One month here, one month there, hop hop hop without a home. I lived with Sara, Jacquelyn, Morgan, Amber, Courtney, and my little dog lived with Jill for a little bit. During classes, I lived in different dorm halls. I’ve lived in Clark, Kerr, Bruce, McConnell, College Inn, and Honors Hall. Three years on campus. All that was 3 years. I worked for housing, so that’s how this was even possible.

You’d think it’d ease up after college, but it didn’t. It got worse. I lived in 5 different apartments in Temple, one in San Angelo. I lived for a few months in Lorena, TX… then I sold all my stuff and packed my backpack for the World Race. I lived in over 11 countries, if you’re gonna get technical.

So then I got home, and you’d think *phew, it’s time to slooow down, root down or something* but no. Forget those plans.


After #11n11 was full of more moving. I lived at the Hylton House, the Grove House, the Sinnett House, I crashed on Destiny’s couch, I moved in with Jill, then I moved into the Sinnett House *again* that is after I got back from Uganda that summer. Then I moved in with the Smiths and those were 9 wonderful months. Then to Atlanta… and now to the better, much better part of Atlanta.

And I’m staring at these walls, bare and cold, begging to be decorated… and you can bet that I’m reluctant. For one, I was born without the female decorating gene, hence my sheer fascination for Pinterest. Secondly… I’m moving in a year. I know I won’t be staying within these very walls, that some kind of upgrade or a different housing awaits me. As a compromise, I decided to get pictures printed.

Yesterday, I picked up my online order at Walgreens. Many, many pictures. Can you believe I’ve been dating Buddy for over 6 months and didn’t have any of our pictures printed? So I got those, along with some of flowers and sunsets and selfies with my grandma. After putting just a a few pictures up, it already started to affect me.

These are the faces of the ones I love. Places have come and gone, and many walls, floors, and counters. I’ve rolled through life like a tumbleweed in a western movie, but these people are the steady ones. Pictures with Beka and Ruth, and the “quick, before you leave let’s take a picture” classics with Emily, where we both clearly woke up like dis. My brother and I being ridiculous at Christmas. Group photos from dancing in the rain. Me kissing my sweet boyfriend’s cheek/beard.

It’s barely impossible to forget, but it’s very possible to remember. The things you put in front of you can change everything.

So if you’re looking at a blank wall for the 40th time, try again. Don’t stop decorating. Make that temporary stop your home. Let every place you step foot become different because you were there. I’m learning this. With hammer and nails, I try again.

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