I Point…

I point, you look. You look out of instinct, but also out of trust. You look because you were already looking at me. You look because I turn to look too. If you don’t understand what I point to, you look back at me to explain what it is, where it is. Then you look again, to understand the new information I’ve just told you. You want to see what I’m seeing. I point, you look.

Knowing this makes me hesitant to point. I won’t make you look at something that isn’t worth looking at, something I don’t trust to be worth turning toward. I don’t want to waste your time. I don’t want to cry wolf. I don’t want to lose your trust.

For a little while, you’ve been looking at me, waiting for me to point, waiting for me to talk. I haven’t been, on purpose. To my left are some burned bridges. To my right is some familiar territory. Guess where I’m gonna point to? My familiar territory.

I will wow you with bells, whistles, safe things, pleasant things, edifying things, and worthwhile things. I will tell you what I’m currently celebrating, like my new corner desk, my new turquoise chair, my new yellow flowers, and oh MY NEW JOB!

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

I’ll tell you about my love, and how we’ve had hard conversations that have made us even closer. 7 months and going strong, praise the Lord!


I will tell you all about Phylla House and how I will be publishing the #ATLdevo in a book format for you very soon. Hence why there is a current pause on the publishing of the devo. I will also be publishing the curriculum for the 24 weeks program, Refuge, geared toward inner healing, creative worship, and exponential discipleship, and focused on divorced, widows, and single moms. This very summer I will be publishing these little books. Look at that. I’ll be signing my name to that. I’ll be endorsing that.


God’s still, small voice sometimes is loud. Sometimes His peace is like a tidal wave. I can tell you that sometimes He keeps answering the same prayer and waiting for us to believe Him, over and over. That’s what I’m finally doing. Are you ready to move forward? I am. I’m ready to point, if you’re ready to look. Shall we?

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