What I Learned Today

It’s crazy how much we learn in one day, but writing about it makes it official. I’m the kind of student that has to take notes, that has to write things down. And once I have them written down, my notes are gold. I don’t have to ask the same question twice. And because of my semi-photographic memory, I usually remember exactly where on the page the answer is scribbled. Well… here’s what I learned today:

I learned my new job’s way of testing for manual antibody screens, extended crossmatches, neonatal evaluation protocols, and I got signed off on their super easy sickle cell screen kit. It was such a good shift to get all that out of the way.

I got home and I learned that I had made a great decision in buying a chili lime kale chips kit in a bag, because I am positively obsessed now with kale chips. They are crunchy, salty, and they vanish when you crunch down on them. And it took 10 minutes to make, so I  guess I’ll be getting lots of vitamins A and C in my system via kale.

I learned that sacrifice is worth it, that sometimes you just have to commit and close your eyes and not feel entitled to whatever you just sacrificed. I’m learning to surrender my options for the greater cause.

I learned today that God thinks it’s hilarious to answer my weird prayers, and the weirder I make them, the more likely I am going to see them happen, probably because He has the best sense of humor ever. Example… I prayed that somehow I would be able to pick up shifts at an old hospital I worked at, but not have to re-train/get rehired there haha. And they just announced a merger with a hospital I am employed and trained at. So. Tell me that isn’t funny. What are the odds of that?!

I’m learning about ACCESS and about the concept of DWELLING. We seem to be stuck in our old patterns of thinking, and in our old boundaries. You know how a dog is trained with a shock collar not to go beyond the yard, and then you remove the collar and the dog still won’t go because it remembers? We have been freed. Our old boundaries no longer apply. We have been given access… access to God, access to the keys of the Kingdom, access to rule and reign and inherit and teach and heal and free and and and and… you get the point. Yet I somehow still sit where I’m used to being allowed, and forget to explore what God’s kindness purchased for me. Access…

I’m learning about dwelling too. It’s more than living, or setting up camp. It’s a permanent home, both physical and emotional and spiritual. The place in the mind and on the land where you can exhale and feel safe. You can put your feet on the furniture and bust into the fridge. It goes beyond ownership, into comfort. It goes right along with access, but it’s an access you acquired without effort. It’s a birthright. What is it like to dwell in the House of the Lord? What’s it like to abide in His heart? I abide in Him. I go to Him and shut the door and throw myself down into the comfort and refuge that is HIM. His heart. I dwell in Him and He dwells in me. It’s a two-way street, this love thing. I learn it more every day.

Today I decided that I like Pepsi way more in theory and in small amounts than I do in actuality and in large amounts. I bought a dollar 2-liter bottle (cue God bless America) and I’m one glass into it and I’m so not interested. My boyfriend would just chuck it in the trash if he saw it haha. Oh, that platonic Pepsi feeling. What’s your platonic craving that you want but you don’t really want?

I learned today that my baby cousin can blow raspberries and she drools and makes a serious face while she does it. And I want so desperately to visit her and the rest of my Brazil fam over New Years week. Pray that it’s possible!

I learned… I guess I re-learned… that a leader is someone who is followed. If you have no followers, you’re not leading anybody. On the flipside, you can be both a follower and a leader, but a follower is often unaware of their influence, while a leader is sometimes too focused on their influence. Think of a workout class. One teacher up front. The people in the back row might not get the best view of the teacher at all times, but they’ll find someone who is reliable enough of a follower and watch them when they can’t see. They trust that this person will exemplify the proper movement. They trust that this person’s unobstructed view translates into accuracy. SO… with that said… when you have an unobstructed view of what the Father is doing, and this is noticed over time, with your words, with your actions, with the fruit you bear… well… when people can’t quite see what God is doing for themselves, they’re gonna look to you. That’s a follower being influential, and becoming empowered to be a leader. Jesus didn’t ascend into heaven before empowering our leadership capabilities. I learn this every day, in little ways. One text. One call. One voice mail. One. Just one at a time. And this one builds. He builds on it.

So that’s that…. the outpouring of one day. I lived it to its fullest, I hope. I did my best. For the rest, there’s grace. These days will add up to faithful years, and years to a faithful life. I’m learning to learn, and it’s a blessing in itself.

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