My First Book

Hey people who read my blog 🙂

I’m sure you’ve heard the news… and if not… prepare to be dazzled *drumroll*


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photo cred: Allison Adams, who I’m pretty sure got her copy before I even did. @allison_rie

Notice the intentional way I worded this. Released. I say that because it was a struggle. I had to accept that I didn’t have time in my lifetime to make everything perfect. I had to be vulnerable and stop second-guessing myself. You don’t want to know how many times I read those 138 pages before I let them go. I pre-forgave myself for any errors.  I reminded myself that the releasing of this book was an act of obedience, not a cry for affirmation. I was called to make disciples of all nations, and I’m not gonna wait for the affirmation of any other authority other than the One who gave me the call.

The task before me is pretty obvious. People are getting ‘saved’ left and right, and then what? They plug into a church and go once, maybe twice a week. Then what? Go to a community group, maybe go through a book study. Then what? They’re told to spend time with God, and it’s “quiet” time and they’re told to read the Bible. That’s… not very specific. Put anybody that wasn’t raised in the church in that situation, and it’s intimidating or boring. I wanted to help with that, because my times with Jesus are not intimidating or boring.

I wrote devos daily for almost a whole year. And obediently, I published them on a blog. THEN, I took the 100 best/favorites, and edited them rigorously, and released them as a book.

I’m happy that this is a tangible book, that the pages can be manually turned, and that it’s sniffable. Now I’ve granted you the opportunity to use a bookmark with baby animals and those awkward tassel beads. You can highlight it, mark it, doodle in it, and ruin it completely for a second user. And most of all, you get the feeling of the book arriving in the mail, and I can picture you tearing off the chunky packaging to find it inside. Can you have any of that with an ebook? Nah, bro.

I know there are some of you who would buy a $50 book just because my name was on the cover, and you’re the people who funded my mission trips and my internship at Adventures in Missions. You get behind every single thing I do, and it’s never about the money. Lucky for you, the book is listed at $14, which is about how much you spend on two Starbucks drinks that get consumed in two hours. This book on the other hand, contains 100 days of devotionals, and hours of my writing and editing. Perspective.

I chose to self-publish because I didn’t want anybody else to edit my book. I know that sounds all stoic, but really. No. English is my second language, but I have read my share of books and blogs, and the ones that hooked me contained genuine style and unpretentious words. I didn’t want an editor to stifle that. I didn’t want someone to say “that’s not right” when I’m clearly not trying to write a formal English paper in MLA format. I did that in college, many many times. I got A’s in all my English classes, which were Honors classes. I can write for a grade, but this is different. I want to teach people from a standpoint of humility. I want to write how I speak. That means I don’t follow all the rules. And it also means I stop trying to impress people. If you want hard reading, knock yourself out. There are plenty of books out there for you. This is for young readers, or busy readers, or people who are okay with a ridiculous joke or quote in the middle of something terribly serious. I’m done taking myself so seriously, and I will reflect my freedom in my words. I find this freedom welcomes people as they are, and it frees them up from the lie of having to be perfect. I’m not, and I wrote a book. Ta-da.

Now go do your thing, chase your dream, because I have paved the way for you called “imperfect” and “still good” and “enough” and “no excuses.”

Your turn, champ, your turn.

You can buy the book here:

A Tree of Life Devotional
A Tree of Life…
Out-of-the-box Expe…
By Helena Jordão
Photo book

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