I’ve been writing less because the book  tired me out. I spent so much time reading my own words that I didn’t want to do that for a while, much less edit anything. I’ve been reading other people’s words, and working A LOT. I figured I’d write a small blog, that it’s better than nothing at all. 😉

Here’s an encouraging little story from work. As you probably know from reading my blogs, I work nights as a laboratory scientist at a pediatric hospital. On the nights that I work, I review the status of each of our neonatal patients to see if any of them have been discharged. We keep an index card on every patient under 6 months of age, including basic information on them in case the system goes down.  I get to hold each index card and read each name. And? I have the great opportunity to pray for every single in-patient that is younger than 6 months, by name, each night. ALL THE SWEET BABIES!

Last night I prayed for each little one, again. I thought about the opportunities we have to lift people up in prayer. They’re everywhere, you know. In the news, at work, in front of you, and on your social media feeds. Don’t forget that access is for a purpose.

Seize the opportunities.


You can read about my first book here.

One thought on “Opportunities

  1. LOVE this. I, too, am working in a pediatric hospital. It’s easy to get bogged down by the darkness – the 2 year old baby girl who is here for non-accidental trauma inflicted by her parents, the 12 year old boy who took all his depression pills in an effort to end his life because kids at school make fun of his hair and clothes or 15 year old, beautiful young woman who went into cardiac arrest after ODing on heroine a second time. Amidst all that junk, I get to interact with these children, send them a smile, encourage them, show them the care that others aren’t. I love the opportunity to pray for their eyes to be open to their value and worth. Everyone thinks working with kids is a “fun” job but the social issues are exhausting. God is faithful even still – he made kids with a little extra resilience! It’s a joy to see his hand at work.


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