How To Move Forward

Oh if only I had a dollar for every time I’ve felt stuck or unsure what to do. I’d be so rich, you guys.


With that said, here’s what I do to move forward when I don’t know what to do. Ready?

DO WHAT YOU KNOW IS RIGHT. Do what you can, today. Do things that are good.

Eat a meal that nourishes you. Drink lots of water. Take a good shower. Rest. Pray like you’ve never prayed before. Write things you’re thankful for. Show up to where you know you need to show up. Listen to music you like. Go for a walk/hike/jog, or watch the sunset or sunrise. These are things you can do.

Put in the good things, and let the rest settle out. It’s okay to not know. It’s okay to not be okay. If you cry, let it be. If you can’t cry, that’s alright. Today is really all we have. We carry so much of the past, and worry so much about the future, and today just gets overwhelmed. Breathe. Let today be a breathing day.

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God is gonna be God all the time. Yesterday, today, and forever. And we’re just people. We’re humans. We’re His kids, but we are so much like kids. We oftentimes don’t know better. We want things we shouldn’t have. We fuss when we’re being well-parented. We don’t always grasp the concept of order and time, of priorities, especially Kingdom priorities. We need to rely on His love and protection, not our own understanding of protection. Are you asking God for guidance markers and listening for His answers?

Those who look to Him are radiant. Their faces are never covered with shame. Those are Bible words, not my words. They promise your radiance when you look to Him. The Bible is a pure source of wisdom. Are you reading it? Read it. Open it. Pray to Holy Spirit. Let Him teach things to your heart.

A note on boundaries: Get your wisdom where wisdom comes from: God. Listen to Godly friends you trust, but don’t lean heavy on them. You know what I mean about leaning heavy? Have you ever had someone bigger than you lean on you hard? Sometimes we lean with our emotions on our friends instead of leaning heavy on Jesus. The friends who have good boundaries will direct you to lean on Jesus, and help in that process. Without good boundaries, you might run into codependence and strained relationships. God is strong and ready to listen. You never go to voicemail when you call Him. Let Him have it first and foremost.

Do what you know is right. Take one small step at a time, asking God for guidance. Get your wisdom from God, first and foremost, and lean heavy on Him.

That’s how I’ve moved forward in the past, and God gets the glory for healing and leading me. I pray that you find Him sure and faithful, and that His love covers you in every season of your faith.

2 thoughts on “How To Move Forward

  1. I don’t always immediately open your “weekly digests” that I get to my email inbox. Yet, when I opened and read this one today… it was a perfectly timed message that I needed. You are beautiful, Helena. Thank you for writing what God places on your heart. It is often just what I need to read at the right time. To God be the glory for making such a precious servant and daughter. Love you, sister!


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