Heart On Fire

Today I had a conversation that lit my heart on fire. It was about the things of God. It was about carrying the essence of home, namely heaven, here on earth. It was about being a servant, being honoring, and trusting in God. We sat there in that pinteresting coffee shop, buzzing about what God had done and what He would do. Hope was stirred up. I’m supposed to be sleeping right now, but I am WIRED. And I don’t think it’s the latte caffeine. It’s pure passion and hunger for God.


My friend got a picture of me being in the eye of the storm, where it’s perfectly peaceful with everything swirling around me. Then as I saw this, I realized that the storm was happening but it couldn’t touch me, hence I was causing an “eye” in the storm, while walking forward through it. My season of “waiting” quickly changed in my perspective into a season of walking through the storm. I’m in motion, but I am in a process of overcoming. It’s not easy, but every day I’m closer. You cannot imagine how much it helps to think of it that way. I am covered by God’s goodness and mercy, and I’m pushing forward with my signet ring on. There is some major action happening and there will be a big result from this time of obedience. I can barely handle the excitement and the encouragement that my friend’s prophetic words stirred up in me. I feel victorious, which is a miracle. I was feeling rather victimized and powerless, but we know well that isn’t how I roll.

God made it a point to tell me that it’s time for me to begin to host people in my home, and also drive people to the airport. I am driving someone to the airport tomorrow morning, as she launches on a mission trip. It’s happening already!

I got a call from Adventures in Missions asking me if I’d like to lead a trip to Haiti. My heart skipped a beat, but I had to say no, as I’m already scheduled to work that week. But oh, the invitation was sweet. Just a 10-day trip, but OH MY GOSH. I long to step on new soil and make disciples. God willing, it’ll happen soon. It was a delight to be thought of, and to be offered the opportunity. What a sweet honor.

cdfwThe beat is turning around. I am skipping to it. I am confident that God is doing something crazy, and just in the last 3 days, I’ve felt extremely sought after. I don’t know if God is just sending out a “text and call Helena” beam to my people, but I’ve been overwhelmed by requests to hang out, calls, and texts. Coffee dates, worship nights, encouraging phone calls, and quality time. I feel like God is trying to make a point through this sudden outpouring of invitations, trying to wow me in a way. It’s working. I am blown away by God’s kindness and compassion, His concern for me, and the way He goes all out to show me I’m on His mind.

My love tank is full this Tuesday. My heart is on fire.

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