Bubbling Over

It’s been over a year since I’ve posted a blog here and let me just admit now that I forgot I have a blog.

I started a small business in January of this year, and we’ve been in the middle of moving and house shopping. The girls are growing and we have two toddlers now. It’s wonderful and loud, and all-consuming for me as a mama. And yet, with my free time and winding down time, I’ve found stress relief and an outlet for creativity (and my science background!) in soaping.

You read that right! I’m making soap!

Meet Wit and Bubbles!

At Wit and Bubbles, it’s GOOD CLEAN FUN:

• GOOD: 10% of proceeds go to a shelter for women and children, via Atlanta Mission.

• CLEAN: it’s a vegan, natural recipe with no palm oil, no synthetic fragrance, and no artificial colorants. Soap is scented lightly with only pure essential oils. 

• FUN: the puns are poppin’, from soap names to cards included. Snickers are welcome. Eye rolls are also accepted. 

Okay now that you know the news, the site where you can go buy it is www.witandbubbles.com Yay!

I’ll be coming back here to share some updates on life and simplicity. We’re going to be starting a garden soon!

I want to know what you’ve started/done/tried in this last year that is new to you and exciting.
Leave a comment!

Much love,


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