Joyful Trust

Quarter 3 begins tomorrow and the world (as always) is screaming doom and gloom.

As a believer in Jesus, wife, mom, and business owner, I have strong choices to make.

I am spying out the territory in front of us, the promises God has spoken to us, and I have a good report.

The land is good and the giants in the land will be devoured. Their protection is gone. The LORD is with us. The Lord has been highlighting Numbers 13-15, particularly what happens when instead of receiving the promise with full awareness of God’s power and presence, we are tempted to grumble or treat Him with contempt. This is deadly. This is the real problem, not the giants or the physical struggles. When we forget who God is and His faithfulness and kindness, we sin in an egregious way: denying God.

I want to live my entire life upholding who King Jesus is and obeying His voice and direction. I want His presence with me and for me. When He is for me, who can be against me? There is no earthly barrier.

I want to quickly run over 4 things to keep in front of us in this season:

Generosity – unto the Lord! When we receive, our first reaction needs to be “wow! Lord, wow! Here’s this back, here’s this, God multiply this donation, take this blessing and make it exponential!” and this keeps us continually aware of God’s generosity toward us, and our means to be generous. Generosity exterminates lack mentality because it’s rooted in gratefulness. The God of plenty loves me! He is supplying me! Wow!

Repentance – for grumbling or poisoning ourselves with the infection of the cultural mindset. Ahh. Fretting and grumbling are not compatible with beholding. Hoarding instead of hosting. Getting our “forecast” from earthly sources, not heavenly ones. God, bring us to that face-down place of surrender as we get freedom from the mind-controlling culture of fear and dread. You have given us a spirit of courage and joy unspeakable. We take these thoughts captive and repent.

Rest – not striving! In this season it’s imperative to cast our cares on the Lord, to learn from Him as we approach Him for rest. Jesus said “come to me, all weary and heavy-laden!” and that’s a BIG promise He offers: “and I will give you rest” let us continually approach Him (not run the other way with striving!) and receive rest.

Reminders – in the Old Testament, they needed tassels on their clothes as reminders. Where are our reminders? The Bible, the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, the constant conversation of prayer, the God-given community of believers who encourage one another daily, songs, signs on the wall, jewelry, whatever it takes. Remind yourself constantly of the power and presence and favor of God.

As the culture despairs and starts to spin downward, let us remain rooted. Let us be bright, joyful, compassionate but unyielding. Unafraid of what they’re panicked about. Not offended at what they’re offended about. Remember, death has no sting. There’s a war for your heart, and that includes your emotions. If you let the enemy have full access, you’ll be constantly worked up. Mad, sad, scared, addicted, mad, sad, scared, addicted, mad, sad, scared, addicted. Is that it? Do you think that about covers most social media feeds? Tragedy is real. Injustice also. Threats? Oh, only if you’re breathing, sure. Temptation? Constant. Here, this will make you feel better. Take it. Buy it. Go here. Do that.

But what if you were able to zoom out and see that perhaps the enemy is toying with us with a laser like we are kittens? And he points and we look and we follow and we chase and he laughs. What happens when we stop playing along, clicking along, scrolling along? What happens when we center our focus on the throne room of God and behold Him, and set our minds on things above?

You might notice a people who are truly free, not shaken or scammed or manipulated, a sight to behold.

Have you ever had an animal come in and the whole room of people scream and get on chairs? What happens when someone who is trained and unafraid approaches the animal and captures it, and puts it outside/away? A collective sigh of relief. We are those who are trained to put away and capture the things that terrify the world. But first, we must not fear or get caught up in hysteria and chaos, and we must know the King is for us. And He’s proven it on the cross, on every page and battle He’s won, with miracles, signs, wonders, and in many delicate and resplendent ways. He is for us. The report is good.

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