10 Ways to Decrease Waste at Home

Believe it or not, this blog topic has been on the list since last year, long before the words "toilet paper" triggered anybody. Minimalism, waste reduction, and natural living have been interests of mine for almost a decade now. You can look into zero waste living and see that some people are really doing this … Continue reading 10 Ways to Decrease Waste at Home

My Breastfeeding Must-Haves

Breastfeeding can be a sensitive topic, so let me preface it with this: if you clicked this link and you don't breastfeed, for whatever reason, and your baby is fed and loved: super. Hi, mama. Cheers to motherhood! If you're hoping to breastfeed or currently breastfeeding, this blog could be helpful to you, and that's … Continue reading My Breastfeeding Must-Haves