A Stranger’s Party

Last month, I was invited to a party for a stranger. I was in the middle of doing something else, and the invitation surprised me. I accepted. I found myself sitting at a table, surrounded by people I didn't know. We laughed. I was offered food, and I realized I was really hungry. I ate, … Continue reading A Stranger’s Party


Like Trees

I stood among the crunchiest leaves, surrounding me. I nearly slipped. I looked up and saw the tallest trees, and not one apologized to me. "This is the old," I felt I heard, "and it belongs beneath your feet." Not long ago it gave me shade, and swayed so freely in the breeze. They held … Continue reading Like Trees

God Isn’t Willy Wonka

Have you ever found yourself greatly discouraged and flipped through your own notes/pictures/prayers with God, and those scribbles ministered to you? Yep. I'm discovering through a really rough season that my faith in God is a foundation. You can't tear down a wall without running into your foundation. It's incredibly important to solidify your faith, to … Continue reading God Isn’t Willy Wonka