7 Lessons I’ve Learned from Ministry

You name the ministry, I've probably done it. Homeless. Door-to-door evangelism. Special needs kids. Teaching. Orphanage. Preaching. Healing. Prophecy. Manual labor. Cooking. Worship leading in languages I don't even speak. Mentoring. Writing. Sunday school. Women's ministry. Hiking mountains to go visit sick people and do church in their homes. Going into bars to befriend prostitutes. God's … Continue reading 7 Lessons I’ve Learned from Ministry

Happy Here

It's October in Atlanta, and I'm happy here. I look down at my lap and see a physical copy of the book I've written, and I'm happy here. Sitting on my turquoise swivel chair feels right, even though it's temporary compared to the fancy seats in heaven. My home is quiet, but I'm happy here. … Continue reading Happy Here