Don’t Lose the Fire

Fireball over here has a confession: my Fire started to wane. Blame it on Ministry School being done for now. Blame it on life transitions eating up my time. Blame it on me not getting any new leaders for Phylla House and feeling like a plastic bag about that... I understood the Katy Perry song … Continue reading Don’t Lose the Fire


Trusting My Brothers

I'm doing some repenting right now and I want to share it with you, because maybe you're supposed to join me in this. I need to repent in the way I stopped trusting my brothers. I'm not talking about my biological brother, but my brothers in Christ, my buddies, my friends, my pals who just … Continue reading Trusting My Brothers

The Revival Is Here

It's already happening, you know? The revival we've been waiting for? It's happening. Revival is happening at the hospital, at my work. My coworkers are texting Bible verses to encourage their friends. I have coworkers subscribed to my devotional.The janitor tells me about his gift of teaching, about the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Healing … Continue reading The Revival Is Here