What is divorce discrimination? In my opinion, it's when people who are not divorced (and sometimes even people who ARE divorced) think less of those who have gone through one or more divorces. It hints at instability, at there being something wrong with people. I'm not gonna lie, divorce is like a big wound. It … Continue reading THE REALITY OF DIVORCE DISCRIMINATION

The Revival Is Here

It's already happening, you know? The revival we've been waiting for? It's happening. Revival is happening at the hospital, at my work. My coworkers are texting Bible verses to encourage their friends. I have coworkers subscribed to my devotional.The janitor tells me about his gift of teaching, about the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Healing … Continue reading The Revival Is Here

4 Reasons Why You Feel LONELY

COMMUNITY. Ahh, the word that gets tossed around but not truly explained, this mythical, inconvenient concept of having people around who love you, being in consistent relationship. It's messy, you have to share things, it's obnoxious and yet it's so needed. We feel lonely without it.My views on community are my own. You don’t have … Continue reading 4 Reasons Why You Feel LONELY

On the Bright Side of Brokenhearted

Throwback writing from the past... enjoy the words, you just might relate. Sharing it now from a full heart, with a note of encouragement at the bottom. Chin up, darlings. ----------------------------------------------------- Unrequited love is the most unreasonable of loves. It embraces danger with no guarantee. It’s a reckless pioneer, wagering the precious matters of the … Continue reading On the Bright Side of Brokenhearted