What is divorce discrimination? In my opinion, it's when people who are not divorced (and sometimes even people who ARE divorced) think less of those who have gone through one or more divorces. It hints at instability, at there being something wrong with people. I'm not gonna lie, divorce is like a big wound. It … Continue reading THE REALITY OF DIVORCE DISCRIMINATION


5 Truths About Womanhood

It's easy to lose sight of the very good thing that it is to be a woman. Sometimes our attributes get slammed down, and I want to call them up. Here goes my affirmation, encouragement, and sincere reminder that God did say that we are 'very good' creations. 1) WE FEEL FEELINGS AND IT IS … Continue reading 5 Truths About Womanhood

My First Sermon in America

Having preached in 9 other countries, you'd think America wouldn't be so intimidating. Ha. I prepared for my sermon for hours and hours, way earlier on in the week. I recorded about 2 hours of me just rambling through thoughts, going off into prayer language tangents, coming back to English, points, scriptures, words to look … Continue reading My First Sermon in America