A Dreamer’s Manifesto

To you who identify yourselves with the title dreamer and who have before you a vision: YEAH!!!

I am a dreamer, but I rarely admitted this to myself. You wanna know why? So called “dreamers” have awful reputations among the people who are working and sweating. They are thought to be those who doodle genius stuff on the corners of journals, who muse at million-dollar ideas, find ways to absolutely change the world, but then simply yawn, sit on their hands, look out the window, change their minds, and don’t chase the thing. I hate this… so much. I used to roll my eyes when I’d hear someone call themselves a dreamer, because to me, dreamers weren’t doers. Dreamers never woke up.

But here’s my revelation: I changed my mind about the meaning of the word.

People might think they’re dreamers, but if they haven’t gotten off of their gluteus, guess what: they’re not real dreamers. Counting them as such is the reason for this terrible reputation. Maybe they can ‘raise awareness’ to someone else’s dream and change their profile picture for 23 hours, but don’t get mixed up, because they are slowly carrying their dreams to their graves. Their hearts are cold. We pray for their new hearts.

You are a dreamer, and let me tell you what being a dreamer means:

Dreamer, you believe in your dreams with courageous and faithful actions.

You have seen the end from the beginning and therefore you know how to work backwards to the baby step of the start. You are not afraid to fail, because the worst that could happen is the world remain the way it is.

6You have moved forward from wandering in the Desert of Who Am I? and have begun to claim your promises.

Dreamer, you realize that you only have so much time on earth, so you squander less of it with pointless rubbish.

You begin to anticipate the hand-off of your dreams to the next generation, because your dreams are so real that they must must must continue.

You love hard and surround yourself with people who are passionate to make a difference.

You know that the Lord rewards you by the intention of your heart, not the reaction of the world. You listen for heaven’s roaring applause when the world is cricket-quiet.

You know that you can only harvest after a long season of sowing. Sowing doesn’t look like winning, but it is. Oh, how it is.

You don’t let discouragement settle into your bones. When you feel it creeping up, you raise up your warriors and shake it off, shake it off.

Dreamer, you introduce God’s innovations into reality, and you realize it’s a holy calling. Whoa.

You let yourself REST and you know that there are seasons that look really backwards and outwardly unproductive, and that’s okay, because you know the progress happening on the inside.

You have decided that you can bring forth however much God says you can bring forth. You gave up on logic a long, long time ago, because all logic does is tell you there’s a limit. You don’t have a limit. You have a God.

Dreamer, you know who your Papa is, and that adds a strut to your walk. You own the place.

You buy into a process, and you know that some things take time and some things can be miraculously sped up. You rely on trust that God will finish what He started. You know God lives outside of time, and so you faithfully step into an eternity mindset.

You know that God wants your dream more than you do. But God wants YOU much more than He wants the dream. It’s always about love.

You know that God would love you just the same even if you completely halted. Which only makes you love God more, and joyfully go after your vision.

You know that it all started with a whisper, a teeny tiny whisper within, about greatness.

You stopped and asked Jesus about it. He said that you could be the one who brings fresh greatness into reality. You could be the one who sees on earth as it is in heaven, in your own way. You could be a dreamer who wakes up. And you don’t take your greatness to the grave. You can look at anything great and realize whoever did it started out as an infant. They had no extra time or strength or wisdom that you can’t tap into. You have the love and favor of the King of Kings. This race is yours. On your marks, baby.


Regrets of the Ordinary

Regret is a haunting thing.

It takes you back to the crossroads, where you made a big decision. nyccrossroadRegret walks you down the other choice, and whispers ‘what if?’ and waits. It shakes your resolve without offering resolution. Regret leaves you feeling empty, hollowing out your confidence.

And yet, we pass by these crossroads every day. Sometimes we coast through, close our eyes, and blindly choose. Sometimes we let life choose for us, passively. Then we point regret to its best friend, victim mentality.

Reality is that you are a powerful person. Every single day you make decisions that affect others and your future. You have influence, and it is your choice whether or not you steward well the influence you’ve been given.

I’ve met plenty of people who have chosen to remain ordinary. It’s a heartbreaking thing. Do they have gifts? Yes, but they shy away from them. It’s a work of the enemy, to sabotage such incredible potential.

They don’t realize that their voice is important, heard, and influential. They, then, stay silent.

They succumb themselves to floating along, simply accepting life as it comes instead of positioning themselves ahead of the curve. In Christ, we can do that! Jesus is already aware of what’s next, and He’s alive, and He’s speaking.

Yet, the ‘ordinary’ are passive victims of whatever cards are dealt to them, pretending they don’t have access to the entire deck, because, why, that’s an overwhelming amount of choices, and that would require commitment, that would require some kind of fervor. Lukewarm wouldn’t do.

Crossroads, then, come and go. Pivotal moments. Monumental choices, unmade. Unmade!

Do they not realize that an unmade choice takes just as much commitment as a purposeful choice? That ‘whatever happens’ has just as many binding consequences? That an uncommitted lifestyle is a lifestyle of commitment to non-commitment? Those who claim not to believe really do “believe,” they just misplace their faith.  It takes just as much faith to not believe, to trust someone’s words over God’s. It takes just as much commitment to skid by in life uncommitted to the Kingdom, instead committed to the idea of being ordinary or being one who ‘doesn’t know.’

Our Father knows everything, and we are His children. We cannot claim both to hear His voice and to be ignorant.

My heart hurts for those who lack the zeal to walk confidently, who find themselves stumbling along without a direction, and who are constantly taunted by regret. Life becomes more of a guessing game, a pitiful story, a long ride on the struggle bus.

Each of us has the capacity to impart great change for the Kingdom.
We have but this vapor of a life, and we shouldn’t spend it on lesser things.

I challenge you to open your heart and listen carefully for God’s will. That may not manifest itself as a detailed calling for your life, but you can tap into the needs of this world. Ask the Lord what breaks His heart, what He’s ready to change in this world, perhaps through you, and commit your heart to His answer.

Commit your heart to any cause of the Kingdom. Look at the movement of God, and join in.

What we can’t have are “ordinary” believers who doubt  so strongly that their personal desires would go unfulfilled by serving alongside their Father, that they choose to sit on the sidelines. We need active intercessors, active worshipers, active counselors, pastors, evangelists, activists, mothers, fathers, rescuers, defenders. We need active arms and legs, not atrophied by indecision or hesitation. Be the Body of Christ, living, thriving, powered by Sanctifying Blood. Fulfill confidently the role of enjoying and carrying His presence.

At the final crossroads, there will be those who are set aside, who failed to see the obvious, and ask ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you?’
And He’ll reply  “Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.”

You have these grand opportunities in life, you do. You have the choice of changing the world for the Kingdom, or not. I pray you will look back and know you chose bravely, purposefully, and stepped forward the way Jesus would. He will give you sufficient courage to live in fullness.

As the Spirit of courage seeps into your bones, regret has to leave.
You may not know your calling, but you are not called to be ordinary.

May May May

May is tomorrow. Oh dear Lord.


Best seasonal meme out there, kids.

April FLEW by. Sometimes it crawled, sometimes it was excruciating, but good Lord, we made it. It’s gonna be MAY!!!

I learned so much this month, yall. I only write because I know you actually read this stuff, and you CARE and you find yourselves nodding along to what God is showing me. Thank you for that.

I already shared about capacity, and that cycle I found myself in. I shared about God breaking me out of my expectations and making me thankful all over again.

There was a 24-hour Burn at Adventures, where we worshiped for 24 hours straight. I was there from about 9 pm til noon the next morning. I have pages and pages of things the Lord was showing me. He had me prophesy over my children, and that was intense. He had me prophesy over ten nations, some of which I have yet to go to… but now I know that I will haha. He showed me that He’s gonna move me and we are leaving some clutter behind, because it’s not needed where I’m going. Hello, light packing. He’s also confirmed a lot about my heart, through various methods. “Sway with me, rest in me” and that’s what I’m doing. It is good good good.

This month, Phylla House did a Psalms Challenge. We read through all 150 Psalms, 5 a day x 30 days. Today, being the last day, I’d like to share a psalm I wrote on a receipt at a coffee shop. Sometimes I like to tie in what an item means to me in the physical realm with the spiritual realm. In this case, it was a receipt. Here’s what He taught me in that…


My Receipt Psalm ❤

20140430_121009O Sovereign Father,
You took Your time when
You made my hands.
Small and fragile, tender
things that sin against
You, that hold on with
an iron grip to the lesser,
to the toy steering wheel.
I offer them to You.
Take my hands and open
them toward You. Strengthen

them. Discipline them.
Then, Father, in Your
timing, trust them with
holy blessings. To have
and to hold, to nurture,
to keep safe. I declare
my receipt of Your Holy
Inheritance, the fullness of
the Spirit filling me, Your
abundant life replacing my
death. I dwell in Your house.
I breathe in Your presence, Your
joy. Grace pours down onto my
head, my robe–white. Fulfill your
purposes, Lord. I agree. I receive.

20140430_125055I had a heartsync with the amazing Bri Rene, and let go of even more that was holding me back. I was holding on to judgments, false perceptions, and I believed a part of myself to be incredibly weak, when in actuality, that part of myself is a giant. God sees towering strength where I see weakness. Interesting, huh? I was proven dead wrong. The pessimist that used to indwell my emotions got a big fat slap in the face, and an eviction notice. I was afraid that I wasn’t loved, for whatever reason. I realized that I had more doubt than trust, more fear than courage, more damage than wholeness… or at least that’s what I was agreeing to. False… I am so loved. I am so loved. I am whole, trusting, loving, and bold. I confessed and repented of fear that clouded and hindered good things. I felt a lightness and a freedom of not being burdened with negativity or with the past. The cynic who expected failure and abandonment had to leave. It vacated out, making room for more bold love.

God did some spring cleaning in me.

For my goals update:
Reading: I finished none of the 3 books I am reading. I actually started reading two more. And I bought a new Study Bible, so I may never finish another book again haha. Oh well!

Running: I ran my mileage 🙂 Last night I timed my mile, and sure enough, got it under 8 minutes again, like a sprightly spring chicken. Now I just have to pick a race in May and go for it… trick will be finding one on a weekend I’m off work.

Cooking: I did cook more. I guess that was the goal haha.

Prophecy: My Teo Jasmin puppy journal is uber full of new revelations, so I am very well-pleased with how that went. Also, on that note, I had a word for a complete stranger and it was spot on. She is now my friend.

Encouragement: I changed my mind and started texting words of encouragement. I’ve done over 30, so I think that’s a check!

May Goals::

1) Setting up an editorial calendar for the Phylla House website… that means I get an actual posting schedule going and stick with it.

2) Spend more time in hammocks.

3) No more soda for a month. Oh my gosh that’s hard. I’ll be chugging Pepsi today, which completely negates the point.


When I prayed for Pepsi in Tanzania, God always answered.

4) Share what I’m hearing/learning on a daily basis.

5) Giving away MORE clothing… I just took 3 bags, but I’m being challenged to give more. If I haven’t worn it in a year, it’s going to the thrift store. I survived with a backpack for a year, so in that… simplify!

What did you learn in April? Do you have 5 goals for May? What is your opinion of hipster kitten?


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