My Birth Story, Part I: Pregnancy and War

You wouldn't think the two would go together, pregnancy and war, but oh, they do. From the minute I started even thinking my body might be hosting a new life in the near future, I started preparing. I started taking prenatal vitamins 4 months (yes, pretty much right when we got engaged) before the wedding, … Continue reading My Birth Story, Part I: Pregnancy and War

Started From The Bottom Now We Here

We look at stories of people who started from scratch, and we admire them so. Self-starters! Visionaries! The world applauds their determination to succeed against all odds, and honestly, I can relate a little bit. When I moved to America, we sure didn't have much. When I first filed my FAFSA, which is the form … Continue reading Started From The Bottom Now We Here

Calming Down in 7 Steps

For the sake of reminiscing and reviewing God's work in my life, sometimes I look back to the past. There are instances when I'm thankful and in a good place to do this. I wind up writing warrior blogs and high-fiving strangers, whooping and hollering "Shekinah Glory" and doing movements with my hips. This is … Continue reading Calming Down in 7 Steps